Dark Sector Infects PS3 & 360

According to Kikizo, Dark Sector one of the best-looking games they've seen on the new systems to date, but will this-gen's first ever announced title deliver or fade to black? Producer Josh Austin talks.

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DaTrooF4742d ago

it seems to have alot of potential=D

nice_cuppa4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

this new direction just looks like sci-fi splinter cell to me.
the original trailer looked mint.

DaTrooF4742d ago

but i could careless
it looks like a fun game anyhow...

sonarus4742d ago

that trailer looks pretty lame

BubblesDAVERAGE4742d ago

Splinter cell cant compare to MGS..Back on subject this game looks great

ImTheNumber124742d ago

I love metal gear. It's story and characters mean a lot more to me then splinter cell's but your comment was just your opinion and it was a fanboy remark. IMO, I didn't think MGS 2&3 were as good as chaos theory.

sonarus4742d ago

Comparing splinter cell and MGS is utterly stupid. Splinter cell can't step up to MGS period. Maybe conviction might step up cus i havnt seen it but no splinter cell to date can step up. Chaos theory wasnt even that good the game play was to linear. No boss fights common. Mgs totally kills splinter

ImTheNumber124741d ago

I will take realistic stealth and incredible co-op over chasing a fat guy with bombs on rollerblades, playing as Raiden, and directing a rocket through an air duct. You have to admit, the ending to sons of liberty was pretty weak and the metal gear rex fight was really lame. I did think the Fission Mailed part was funny though. I don't even know why i'm arguing either. The videos for this game make it look like Resident Evil 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.