Why Microsoft Needs Twitter and Facebook to Beat Sony

From the feature article:

"On November 17th, Microsoft released a new update on Xbox Live that allows all of us to have a new amount of latitude from the convenience of our Xbox 360's. After bringing us the convenience of Netflix with the last update, this new update gives users the ability to Tweet, access Facebook and listen to music from all through LIVE. I bet you don't realize just what sort of stroke of genius this was on the part of Microsoft and how it will help push LIVE past Sony's online offerings."

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UltimaEnder3303d ago

PS3 now has Facebook but needs to show more forward thinking with PSN - as Microsoft is attempting to do; nice article by Andrew!

Pennywise3303d ago

PS3 has ALWAYS had facebook.

GWAVE3303d ago


The PS3 launch in 2006: 360 owners are saying "We didn't buy our console for Blu Ray or for browsing the internet! Baaahahaa! We bought our consoles for GAMES! ALL THESE EXCLUSIVE GAMES!"

Fast forward to Holiday 2009: 360 owners are saying "Facebook and Twitter and cross-game chat and Netflix (oops! On the PS3, too, now)are essential to the 360's survival. Microsoft will destroy the PS3 if they have these features!"

IdleLeeSiuLung3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

No, it was more of an issue that in "2006" (more 2007) that there were no freaken games all we heard was, but there was blu-ray on PS3.

Right now, the 360 has the games and it happens to have other social networking stuff. I don't use twitter or facebook, but don't mind it is there and tried. I love though and have been enjoying netflix for some time now!

MS is clearly broadening the appeal, yet 360 owners are still getting great exclusive games (not that I care if they are or not, multiplats is fine with me) coming up.

Anon19743303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I use my PC for facebook. The last thing I want to do is use Facebook on either my 360 or PS3. First off, I don't have a keyboard. Second - I use my consoles for games, and to a lesser extend, DivX TV shows! I really don't understand who would sit around and use Facebook on either console. Does Facebook need, or care, to know about how many trophies you have? There's enough message spam on Facebook every single time somebody finds a goat on Farmville or needs somebody whacked on Mafia Wars. Trophies and Achievements are just another piece of spam on Facebook for me to ignore.

Seriously, If I'm on my console it's because I want to play games (or watch shows). Not send people messages. Not have people chat at me while they play Call of Duty. Not update my profile with trophies or whatever. Not to see what the status of all my friends are. I'm playing games.

This is just a waste of time, in my opinion, for both consoles.

iamtehpwn3303d ago

Yep, Ps3 has always had facebook. And Twitter. And Myspace, and Digg, and N4G, and Email, and youtube, and a thousand other websites we all use daily.

ultimolu3303d ago

Are you kidding me?!

This is stuff PSN already had. -___-

Prototype3303d ago

Next week is myspace!

What's so special about Twitter, I seriously cant find anything to justify twitter. "Tweet me!" sounds like an invitation for something sex-related.

I have the facebook thing on my ps3 activated just to see what all the hype is, and personally I don't care for it much; nice to have but not something that's "OH S-IT I NEED THIS!!!111!!"

Christopher3303d ago

Did the person writing this article forget all about Home? They directly reference WoW as an example of social experience online... and totally miss out that Sony already has the closest thing to that on their platform as well as 3 MMOs to be released on the console in 2010.

GiantEnemyCrab3303d ago

"PS3 has ALWAYS had facebook. "

You just couldn't post or login or use it in any useful manner. But yes, you could look at it.

Why do you think the PS3 browser JUST got an update for better Facebook compatibility.. Basically, so you could use the damn thing.

PopEmUp3303d ago

nice to see you owning your own ass like a pro lol

ChozenWoan3303d ago

Grooveshark beats hands down!!! It's actually better than Pandora which you can also get on the PS3.. lololol. =P

But don't take my word for it.
JUMP ON your console and give it a try, well if your console allows you to browse the internet, as in PS3 and Wii... yes the Wii beats "Live" in internet browsing...
... the Wiiiiiiiiii!?!

SaiyanFury3302d ago

To be honest, I think the whole social networking thing is a waste of time. I have better things to do than blog so people who don't give a crap about me or what I do with my free time can keep up with me. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter. They're all ultimately the same. If people are wondering what I'm doing, they can PM me on MSN and ask themselves. Personally, I ultimately try to remain anonymous on the net and try to attract as little attention to myself as possible.

The Xbox 360 needs some social networking site to beat Sony? Sorry, I don't think that blogging will increase sales of a console, when there's so many negatives going around. RROD, and whatever other errors that plague Microsoft's admittedly flawed designed console will save it. Now the 360 will continue to sell. There's some great games available on it. My brother-in-law, who is typically a Sony loyalist, and has been for the last 11 years, just got a 360 and is currently playing through the joys that are the Gears of War games, Left 4 Dead, and so on. The system should rely on it's strengths, rather than some social networking site for it's sales. I also have a 360, and for some games, it rocks.

I don't use social networking sites for anything, on any platform. Gaming consoles? This is the last function I will ever use either my PS3 or my 360 for. I don't even use my PC or laptop for them. I use my consoles for gaming and various other means of media playback. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but the modern consoles are meant as integral HD media devices; not social networking devices.

Pennywise3302d ago

Crab, facebook is fine on the PS3. For the short stint that is didnt work, all you had to do was use the mobile page and you could still do everything you needed to. Including LOG IN AND SEND MESSAGES.

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ipwnall3303d ago

Because they have nothing else they can do on the Xbox 360?

Valkyrie833303d ago

LOL - is that supposed to be a joke?

BX813303d ago

Real smart kid, considering the title wasn't even a question! What a [email protected]$$!

PopEmUp3303d ago

nice for calling someone a dumbass while yourselves is consider as one lol

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Valkyrie833303d ago

I have yet to try FB out on my PS3 but I know it comes in handy on XBL, along with Twitter and instant-on 1080p streaming that's a feature upgrade!

Nac3303d ago

I hate these articles, they dont prove anything.

SKUD3303d ago

Agree. The title is ridiculous.

Megaton3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Well anyone who knows anything knows that. Forget the games, when I'm shopping for gaming consoles the real appeal is a Twitter app, especially ones that cost extra to use.

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