The Portable Podcast, Episode 8 | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Today, we interview David about the geoDefense line of games, why they were such a huge success from a design standpoint, and we go in-depth about just what worked with the games to make them work so well. We also discuss the upcoming Imangi-Critical Thought collaboration geoSpark, which we have gotten our hands on, and discuss the gameplay and the design decisions that have the game shaping up to be one of the next big iPhone games."

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bgrundman3248d ago

These guys know how to put together a podcast!

bgrundman3248d ago

I can't get enough of these developer interviews.

roblef3248d ago

Love this one. Great interview.

wondroushippo3248d ago

Yeah, there was a lot of great in-depth stuff in this one.

roblef3248d ago

This guy sounds really cool.

starven3248d ago

Love the time killer podcasts!!