iPhone Review: Cliffed | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Cliffed is something that we've not seen a lot of from IUGO – a simpler, more casual game than everything else they've put out. This isn't bad; Cliffed is quite fun. It was just a game that defied my expectations, which is a good thing, and shows that IUGO can attack the casual market as well as the more hardcore gamer segment."

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bgrundman3250d ago

So what the hell is this game?

bgrundman3250d ago

at least it is trying to cater to the iPhone consumer that has a wide variety of likes and dislikes.

roblef3250d ago

I have a variety of likes and dislikes.

roblef3250d ago

IUGO rocks, yo. This looks like Toki Tori graphics and an endless falling down game. Nice.

wondroushippo3250d ago

Yeah, I love IUGO. Cool people, and their games are really cool, too.

starven3250d ago

This almost looks like fun.