COD4 Story info surfaces

Some one down at has posted a short part of an article on this months UK magazine PSW. It tells about the overall story of the game and how you start out in the game. Makes for a brilliant read; here is a part of the info given:

" we have an opening scene where you are being pulled from your palace in the middle east and see all this crazy stuff going on around you in the back of a car. Your not sure whats going on and at the end of the credits you see a cast of characters. Each of the bad guys have a henchman and we call these guys the four horsemen, the game is all about trying to take those guys down" explains collier. "Then they put you up on a post, Zakhaev gives Al-Asad a pistol and shoots you in the face and that's how the game starts"

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nobizlikesnowbiz4207d ago

Lol this game looks pretty f**king spectacular.

PS360PCROCKS4207d ago

ridicously spectacular bro. looks so awesome.

PS360PCROCKS4207d ago

haha well atleast we all agree lol.