PSN Terms of Service changed, only 3 activations allowed

Bad news for all traders and users with multiple PS3s, SCE have changed their Terms of Service to allow only up to 3 PS3s on one account, they also added a restriction for trading of PSN games after 24 hours of initial purchase.


It seems that they have changed the limit back to 5:

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Godmars2903955d ago

Considering the fun horror stories I hear about PSN game trading, people who do have it coming.

Though if Sony is going to do crap like this, they need to give a return option. Let backups install on the same machine with the same accounts.

Sunny_D3955d ago

Wait, what if your current account has more than 3 activated? Do those get a freebie? That means only new accounts would get affected? Right?

PirateThom3955d ago

You're allowed to download and install to the same 3 PS3s as many times as you want.

Johnny Rotten3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

as far as I understand is that when you use up all of "keys/activated systems" all need to do to get your content onto another system is deactivate one of the "keys/systems already activated".

and as for the activated systems, your allowed to download your content unlimited numbers of times. People sending in their system for repairs should always make sure your profile is deactivated.

Godmars2903955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

There's at least two games I bought that I can't DL again because of YLoD incident and a HDD switch.

@Johnny Rotten:
Kind of a contradictory no-go when your system dies which doesn't allow you to deactivate it.

PirateThom3955d ago

Hard drive switch shouldn't matter, it's activated "systems".

Sony also have the ability to reset download limits in case of YLOD (see Singstar downloads for one time downloads that they have to reset after hardware issues).

Aquarius3955d ago

WTF? That is out of order if SONY doesn't deactivate the PS3 for you when it dies/ send it in for repairs or compensate you for it.

Saaking3955d ago

Too many people take advantage of this feature which is why they're limiting it. It's good that they're doing this mainly becuase it will ensure the further success of PSN games.

trancefreak3955d ago

If your ps3 dies and you cant deactivate unfortunatly if its out of warranty you must send it to sony. But if you got a ton of software invested why not have them fix or deactivate it.

Also u can re download your content anytime as long as you deactivate gaming/video before using another ps3 system with your account.

if you dont deactivate then the limitations apply.

I know this because i just went threw a cluster [email protected] with sony trying to reestablish my video activation after trading my ps3 40 gb piece of junk in for a ps3 slim which was totally worth it.

Off topic: I cant believe what a monster my ps3 60gb launch console is compared to my slim in all regards to size noise heat. Ill never get rid of my 60gb ill take it to my grave lol.

Megaton3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

That's ridiculously lame. I've already lost one because Sony apparently doesn't deactivate accounts on units they receive for repair unless you specifically ask them to do it. Fortunately my account wasn't activated when my 2nd PS3 died, otherwise I'd be down to 1. I've got hundreds of dollars worth of games and DLC on my main PSN account. This makes me not wanna spend another dime in the PSN store.

InfectedDK3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

They need to make an activation option on, so that you can login and edit which consoles your PSN, should be activated on!!!

So fx if I have like 5 PS3's activated with my PSN, I now can deactivate my account, from those I want to from a list!

They REALLY should do this!

This would fix everything! (Gamesharing, broken PS3's and so on.. Even less calls for the support would take place)..

Can somebody please suggest this for Sony? I would like to know, if this could take place somehow, without it being too drastic to make.

IdleLeeSiuLung3955d ago

As far as I know, you can de-activate and re-activate onto another console. Allowing this on 5 consoles was very generous, and with 3 it is still super generous!

The only thing though, I heard is that the only way you can de-activate is through the console itself. So if, it is defective and you get an exchanged refurb, you might be sh!t out of luck! There have been numerous reports of this, so keep at least 1 extra activation for yourself if you care.

starcb263955d ago

my friend deleted my account from his ps3 do I need to go deactivate it?

Genesis53955d ago

Well it's still better than the zero MS gives you.

Dark General3955d ago

Me and 4 of my close buddies have had a sharing account for the last year and some change. Seems like things will have to change now unfortunately.

bunbun7773955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

This makes me sad and unhappy-- I am a responsible trader that never did anything wrong by allowing for my roommates or close friends according to Sony's own terms. I do not know which is worse the limiting to 3 or the 24 hours-- this was great for say Killzone DLC for me and my roomies who play together.

I fully understand that Sony can do this-- in fact that they are allowing this is still better than the possible alternatives, but to try and spin this is lame.

Honestly, first lame Sony news I've heard in a while... it was cool while it lasted though~

--it seems that 2nd category 'local content' is unaffected-- no 24 hour rule--that helps

ThanatosDMC3955d ago

I all ready gave my account to 5 PS3s. I hope that doesnt mean my PS3 wont be taken away or any of those that i've given my account to.

STONEY43955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I had WipEout HD, and I let my friend download it. Both of us got the YLOD. Once we got new PS3s back, we both downloaded it again, I uninstalled mine due to low hard drive space. Basically that would be 4 systems it was installed to, and 2 of them can't be deactivated. So now does this mean I can't reinstall it again?

Edit: I think this might only be for Europe right now. The US terms of use haven't changed. At least not yet.

starcb263955d ago

can anybody answer my question above please

Megaton3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

^ Deleting the account doesn't deactivate it, as far as I know. You've gotta log back into it on the PS3 and deactivate it from the account management area.

vickers5003955d ago

"Too many people take advantage of this feature which is why they're limiting it. It's good that they're doing this mainly becuase it will ensure the further success of PSN games."

Wow, so Sony actually DOES pay attention to the internet. They even post here on n4g under the alias saaking. Either that, or somebody really just likes kissing ass unnecessarily and sucking up when it's not going to get them anything special.

amirpro3954d ago


it's impossible.
when you deactivate they need to delete your activation key from the console itself - that's why it must be triggered from the console.

if they will let you deactivate from your PC, your console will still have the activation key (at least until you go online from that console).

i think the 3 activations at the same time is VERY fair.

InfectedDK3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

@amirpro, let me say thx first of all.. I can fully understand, what you are saying.. It's just a shame when it first HAS been 5 activations, as it now causes a lot of problems, as you can see.. For the 3 activations "only", I must say that I agree on it, and I actually discussed with a friend a long while ago, why it wasn't 3 instead of 5.. 5 seems a bit too many.. So yes.. But the problem here is, that you give people something, and take it back again.. I agree on, that Sony can change this, as they want.. But there is no denying, that it causes problems for a lot of people now, and for many more to come, as it takes place.. But ofc. Sony has discussed these things when going trough it, so I guess there is nothing to do, other than make sure, you don't have too many activated accounts.. The question is still though, if us who have had 4 (one remaining for a safety), now will go down to 3 also, and how this will take place.. I'm watching with a minor speculation here.. But all in all the 3 activated accounts is fair, but it should have been that way from the very beginning!

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Knightofelemia3955d ago

See I don't like being able to have one ID for up to 3 machines. If I have 2000 trophies and over that lifespan my 3 machines die from the amount of playing I do. And I buy my fourth PS3 well my 2000 trophies are gone and all those late nights, and hard work gone because I have to change my name for this fourth PS3 I don't like it.

Johnny Rotten3955d ago

their talking about content you buy from the store. Your ID and trophies will always follow you.

trancefreak3955d ago

not true magnus read above

shlinka3954d ago

Four PS3's! I thought PS was suppose to be more reliable than Xbox. Paid subscriptions and limited ID's - Sounds more and more like the xbox all the fanboys complain about.

-GametimeUK-3955d ago


My ID is on 3 machines already... 1 on my friends for game sharing... One on my cousins for when im down at his house... And one on mine... So if I ever need to replace my PS3 I wont be able to use my ID again? :<

callahan093955d ago

Sure you can, you just need to tell Sony that your ID is already on 3 machines and that your activation count needs to be reset, or at least the broken system needs to be removed from your activation list. Phone calls like that are always like pulling teeth, but they'll do it for you if you tell them the situation. No worries.

-GametimeUK-3955d ago

Thanks for clearing that up bro... Its certantly made the situation seem less harsh :)


CR7JUVE18973955d ago

Oh boy. I decided to share the love when the Home beta came out. Actually to a couple of prominent posters here. Uh oh

multipayer3955d ago

They really just need to make this an option off, maybe a simple email would work though...

keabrown793955d ago

Actually this is incorrect after talking with Sony about 12 times about getting my activations reset.. They will not reset your activations.. The only way they can is if you send your broken system into them for them to deactivate it... Kind of at wits end with sony

Redempteur3955d ago

lol 12 times is pushing it ...

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SixTwoTwo3955d ago

Does anybody know if you can call sony to have systems deactivated?

trancefreak3955d ago

you can if your weary but all u need to do is go to account management and deactivate game/video. But if u call sony to do it they will keep a record and u will get a service # backing u up.

Why o why3955d ago

but i tried and the only way they'd do it for me was for me to tell them that the ps3's id sold on to other people were sent in for repairs. I literally had to phone friends who had their ps3's sent back for their serial numbers. Once i did that they reset each seperate account. What i want to know now is what happens to the 4th and 5th activated accounts...after the change. My 4th account is my upstairs ps3...

Jerk1203955d ago

Typical Sony.

Always screwing their PS fans.

-x.Red.x-3955d ago

this coming from a bot?

oh LuLz

Saaking3955d ago

hahahahahah, The irony is huge in your post.

Ahmad-3955d ago

and this is serious bullshit. I got 2 yloded ps3's in the past, and they already screwed over my first account because i game shared(they did allow it at first to anyone about to give me a disagree), and now, if my current ps3 gets yloded, i'm screwed for all my recent games because my current account now is on all 3. wtf am i supposed to do?

PlayStation X3955d ago

@ahmed phone sony they'll deactivate it.

shame i wont be getting any more free games =/

4point7BillionLoss3954d ago

poor droids ... deluded to the end

Play behind !!!!

ChrisW3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

People! Sony is doing this because people are taking advantage of Sony's goodwill! I hope to god that all of those who take advantage of Sony feels bad for what they've done! Unfortunately the rest of us suffer because of such...

Wait... I don't game share and only have 1 PS3... HUH?!?

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