Dragon Age's Better Banter

James Bishop of TheGameReviews writes: "Dialogue is hard, just ask any game writer. When it comes down to character interaction, the fine line between natural and contrived is one that many loathe to even approach. Descriptive writing is far simpler as it involves only the natural tendencies, cadences and thought processes of a singular being.That's why banter that is particularly well written is often particularly endearing, particularly moving, and particularly capable of progressing plots in ways we have only begun to explore." (Spoony Bard 6)

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cain1413248d ago

I love listening to Alister and Morigan talk!

Cartesian3D3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I like that too.. just like uncharted (talking during gameplay) it makes me laugh sometimes (its funny when Alister said to Morigan that she looks like her, it drives her crazy :P)

its one of the best gaming experiences I'v ever had in a RPG(I had sth like that in Diablo 2)

Dragon Age is a GEM, get it even if you are not a Western RPG fan..

best gaming year ever, first Killzone2,Infamous .. and now Uncharted 2, Dragon age,AC2...

Ixon3248d ago

Alistair is particularly good but I'm a huge fan of Shale and Leilana.

rdgneoz33248d ago

Ever listen to Shale and Sten comparing humans and monkeys?

gidzilla3248d ago

I did notice that part members inteacted in DA:O and thought it was quite clever. Unfortunately the Dialogue itself was nothing to shout about.

Haly3248d ago

Big fan of this kind of banter. I know some people think it's pointless but I love it. Adds a nice layer of depth in many cases and makes me enjoy the game more.

mr durand pierre3248d ago

I kinda loathe the art style to this game and it look too complex for my feeble mind to learn how to play, but I have been tempted to pick this game up solely for the dialogue. Hopefully Mass Effect 2 will put this Bioware magic to a genre I can get into a bit more.

SlamVanderhuge3247d ago

Yeah...I like Dragon Age a lot, but the theme and setting of ME2 fits me more. The banter is nice in DA, but none of the characters reached the Wrex level for me