Microsoft hints at motion-sensing 360

Bill Gates reaffirms previous suggestions that Xbox revisions are on the way
With Nintendo's Wii currently storming on in the next-gen console market, Microsoft boss Bill Gates has admitted that his company is looking to integrate motion-sensing controls into its gaming hardware.

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eques judicii4741d ago

but i think doing this is silly... maybe they are talking about the next xbox, but its too late for the 360...

anyhow, i wouldn't shell out the extra money for another controller..

eLiNeS4741d ago

if all you had to do was download the latest firmware and pick up a new controller with wireless motion sensing, who wouldn't? A new controller would cost less then a new game, you would be silly not to jump in!

dissectionalrr4740d ago

i would buy it if the first game that came out using it included the peripheral. and, of course, if that game made good use of it. personally, i haven't seen anything on ps3 (the closest comparison) that makes good enough use of motion sensing to warrant a purchase, though.

THWIP4741d ago

The Wii-mote is nothing but a gimmick anyway...not worth trying to copy. No devs...not even Nintendo 1st party...are utilizing it the way they could/should.

Do your own thing MS, and don't let Nintendo dictate what you do, because of the PERCEIVED success of the Wii. In another year, nobody will care about it, and motion-sensing will be just as irrelevant as it was back you released the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro, 9 YEARS AGO.

fenderputty4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I like it for some of the games on the PS3. I know some people don't but, there will be people that like it. I guess I just don't see how adding a feature to your console is a bad thing. Games like resistance use it nicely. It could even be done as a melee instead of a button. I love it in Warhawk too. I think it would be stupid to turn down something that can only make your console appeal to a larger crowd. I'm not a huge rumble fan but, I'm glad Sony is bringing it back to appease the people who miss it.

Biased fanboys like MART have to say otherwise because they've been trashing the PS3 for so long and finding anything they can to trash. But honestly, as a gamer, this feature could be used really nicely with some games. If you don't like it cool, but the people that do like will only like the 360 more.

eques judicii4741d ago

i wouldn't be totally against it if it came standard... i just don't want to have to buy more periferals...

but in the interview it sounded more like a vision cam thing (pick up an actual tennis racket)

fenderputty4741d ago

That's what I'm looking forward to the most about the PSeye for the PS3. The motion sensing capabilities actually surpass that of the Wii and sixaxis.

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DJ4741d ago

Add-on for HD-movie playback, add-on for wi-fi, revision for black + silver color, revision for HDMI. I guess the fact that Wii's only 2 million units behind means that they feel the need to have motion sensing in order to keep their dwindling lead.

ArmrdChaos4741d ago

I guess it is better to have a dwindling lead than an increasing deficit such as the PS3/PSP.

Right now Wii is the cheapest of the newer consoles...that is why it is selling. While the controller may peak the kids interest, the parents pay for the thing.

Marriot VP4741d ago

Yah, dang Microsoft and their choice to give consumers the OPTION for those things. Instead of packaging them all together for 600$, which will leave sony's sales stagnant from normal consumers.

Also, "revision for black + silver color", all consoles have had new colors so why get your panties in a bunch for the 360.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4741d ago

That is so true. I think you just made DJ cry, he and his fellow Sony Defence Group friends are probably going to go sign a petition to get you removed. LOL

MK_Red4741d ago

Since both Sony and Nintendo consoles have some sort of motion-sensing abilities, its likely for MS to follow but will be another version of 360 or a big add-on?

Rhezin4741d ago


PS360PCROCKS4741d ago

Yeah no sh*t. Coocoo coocoo

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