Protests grow over digital bill

The Digital Economy bill has sparked a wave of protest among consumers and rights groups.
Soon after the bill began its journey through Parliament on 19 November, many expressed worries about parts of it.
The bill suggests the use of technical measures to tackle illegal file-sharing that could involve suspending the accounts of persistent pirates.
Critics fear this and other powers the bill reserves could damage the UK's growing digital economy.

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-GametimeUK-3343d ago

We have to do something about this arsehole ASAP...

scruffy_bear3343d ago

Agree we need to kill this bill fast or we are all going to suffer

Flik1823342d ago

Come the next election I'm sure something will be...of course the danger there is Cameron will try and do something much worse.

Darkstorn3342d ago

Just remember that this is not a Big Brother situation. Corporations are behind this, and government is supposed to protect the populace by regulating against domineering corporations. Unfortunately, looks like the politicians are on the same side as the fat cats (due to lobbying money, most likely), and government isn't doing its job of putting those corporations in their place. It happens in the U.S. all the time, just look at how many 'moderate' senators and representatives are paid off by powerful industries.
In other words, it's a sad day in Britain. Gamers in the U.K. should write to their politicians and put pressure on them to kill this corporate blowjob of a bill.

imec3342d ago

How do you suppose the ebel kkkorporations would be able to regulate and pass such laws without the holy and righteous government stepping in and ending their reign of racism and oppression?

HolyOrangeCows3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Riots time? :)

*Waits for awesome new riot footage to reach news and truTV*

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malfesto3343d ago

The amount of ridiculous new laws that are coming to pass recently are insane. The FCC seems to be stepping on a lot of toes with its plans to restrict internet access, many children's book authors are refusing to go to schools after new laws mean that they have to be extensively checked.

The internet is the last true place where one can impliment 'freedom of speech' and even this seems to be slowly taken away from us. In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs 'I predict a riot'.

Cubes3343d ago

This is a step backwards into the dark ages, and this 'Big Brother' must be stopped. I sense a revolution is coming...

Darkstorn3342d ago

This would not have happened if the corporations behind this bill didn't put some pressure on Parliament. It's not truly a Big Brother situation, but one in which the comparatively few regulations put on lobbying in the U.K. got to the heads of the politicians.
This bill is backed by enormous corporations, so the Big Brother argument doesn't necessarily hold true, unless you believe that corporations and government are one and the same. They are not, as government is supposed to protect the people against the profit-driven ignorance exhorted by the corporate elite.

Jockie3343d ago

Flies in the face of common sense this does, hopefully it will get shot down in parliament.

KrazyFace3343d ago

To the right honorable Mr.Cubes; I second that motion!

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The story is too old to be commented.