MAG Beta v1.46 Arrives

MAGblog writes: As we announced last week, we have extended our MAG beta program beyond its original November 20 stop date. What we didn't tell you, though, is what that means for you and the other testers who are involved in the program – so here's everything you need to know about the next phase.

First things first: As of this morning, we've updated the MAG beta to version 1.46. This upgrade brings a number of new things to the table, including:

* Our highly-anticipated 256-player Domination mode in addition to 64-player Sabotage.
* Reductions in the beta download sizes by more than 30%!
* Extensive tuning to the weapons for all three PMCs to better balance the factions.
* An updated experience curve for leveling that helps new and inexperienced players.
* A huge number of updates, revisions and fixes that reflect the feedback given to us by testers in previous betas

Another important bit of information to note is when the MAG Beta program will end – which will be at the strike of Midnight (Pacific Time) on December 5.

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Hellsvacancy3340d ago

I gave up on MAG ages ago (i was sh|t hot aswell) i got 2 pissed off wid all the updates

Ill more then likely by it when it comes out

zootang3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

You'll be surprised how much it has changed. Give it ago, again.

The updates are a killer though. my friend got a code yesterday and spent the night downloading it. I dread telling him that he's gonna have to do it all over again tonight

Mista T3340d ago

you know a beta is to test software and to give the devs feedback, not just a chance to play a game before everyone else does >_>

paul03883340d ago

Hopefully the entire game was changed from top down because I was utterly unimpressed when I tried it. Felt like a fake CoD knockoff...

zootang3339d ago

Paul, lucky for you it has! Now it's COD but better with 256 players

paul03883339d ago

I had the gamestop demo code from preordering it, will that still work? Maybe I'll give it another try tonight.

Did they implement regenerating health yet? In a game like this with this many people, I think it's necessary. In a game like Socom, it's great without it.

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