Call of Duty: World at War Patch 1.7 Released

Activision has released patch 1.7 for Call of Duty: World at War. It includes a number of multiplayer fixes, but will only update installations already at 1.6.

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Elven63342d ago

Good to see World at War is still being supported, I don't think COD 4 had any patches released after World at War hit?

sbstncstllo3342d ago

Yes it did, 2 years later they released a patch addressing the "rapid fire issue"

-Alpha3342d ago

they addressed the ridiculous hacks that spread like crazy on the PS3 and probably the 360 (I had the PS3 version).

Is this patch for consoles too?

the_union_of_PS3603342d ago

good too see treyarch supporting there game that i enjoyed very much

i still have open hands for some new nazi zombies dlc :)