Axle shows its new GT 240 and HD 5970 cards

Fudzilla: "Although it's not a major player on the graphics market, Axle has been making cards for the last twenty years, and it looks like that these guys are coming back. Axle has released both Nvidia's GT 240 as well as ATI's crown jewel, the HD 5970.

Axle's Geforce GT 240 isn't anything new as all cards on the market are pretty much the same. They all feature a GT 215 40nm GPU with 96 stream processors, 128-bit memory interface and DirectX 10.1 and SM 4.1 support. The card from Axle works at reference 550MHz for the core and 1340MHz for shaders. The card uses GDDR5 memory although the exact clock hasn't been detailed, we suspect that it could be the reference 3600MHz."

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