iPhone "3GS Is On Par With PSP, If Not Beyond" Says Fishlabs CEO

AppGamer writes "This is likely to arch a few eyebrows amongst the PSP crowd but Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs (they did Galaxy On Fire and more recently Rally Master Pro) has said on record to that the iPhone 3GS is as powerful, if not more so, than the Sony PSP.

When asked about whether he was worried about spiralling development budgets Schade replied...

"Indeed, 3GS is on par with PSP, if not beyond, and we're competing with the big publishers and some really talented indies with excellent console gaming background."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3341d ago

news that the Apple products got physical controls.

darx3341d ago

they are talking about power

D4RkNIKON3341d ago

And as a gamer, I am talking about physical controls.. I have both and I seriously CAN NOT use the iphone as a gaming machine. It just DOESN'T work!

ABizzel13341d ago

The iPhone is a decent gaming device. It great, because you have your phone with you all the time, and many of the games are pick up and play, which is why the iPhone is better compared to the DS than the PSP. Graphically iPhone games are catching up to the PSP, but their still not there yet, and controls are a lot better then touching a screen.

The iPhone has the benefit of being a multimedia device like the PSP which it's better at, but when it come strictly to gaming the iPhone is on the level of the PSP. The PSP offers gaming experiences that are bite sized portions of full console released games which is something the iPhone has yet to do. Not to mention that all the iPhone games are pretty much rip offs of established franchises. The iPhone needs to get better developer support, and add a controller add on before it can compete with the PSP as a gaming platform (the virtual controls for Hero of Sparta are decent, but they need a REAL controller).

Mindboggle3341d ago

Well considering PSP games just arent selling expect more developers to jump to the iPhone where they can make games quicker and at a fraction of the cost and they know theyll make a return on the dev costs.

MegaPowa3341d ago

it does work :/ what are you talking about? do you even have an iphone

OpenGL3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

On paper the PSP is far more powerful than the iPhone 3GS from a graphical standpoint.

The iPhone 3GS is capable of rendering 7 million polygons per second
and has a pixel fillrate of 250 Megapixel/s. The PSP on the other hand is capable of rendering 33 million polygons per second and has a pixel fillrate of 664 Megapixel/s.

Also, the iPhone 3GS has 256MB of RAM compared to the PSP 2000, 3000, and Go's 64MB of RAM. The PSP 1000 only has 32MB of RAM, so Sony requires developers to use no more than 32MB of RAM for their games, otherwise older PSP owners would be unable to play some newer releases.

The iPhone 3GS is a more developer friendly platform, so hardware specs don't 100% guarantee graphics superiority.

Microsoft Xbox 3603341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Sure............, I have YET to see a game like GoWCoO or Twisted Metal on my 3GS.

I love my iPhone a lot and it really does beat every other phone out there in gaming but it's still not a worthy contender against the DS or the PSP. Gaming is just not gaming without buttons. Try to play CoD WaW zombies on the iPhone, its terrible solely because of the shoddy control scheme.

The iPhone 3GS is probably superior from a technical standpoint but other than that, it is being held back for having no physical buttons as controls. Too bad iControlPad never got into production.

sniper-squeak3341d ago

They should add 3G to the PSP

PS3PCFTW3341d ago

you finally caught up to a 5 year old handheld......


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Parapraxis3341d ago

Wait, I thought the iPhone is not considered a gaming platform?

I thought the PSPGo is the only platform doing digital only (as an option), and it's going to be a "Digital Distribution Killer?"


Now this guy comes out and says this!
madness I say.

walken73341d ago

The iPhone is terrible for playing games. It is NOT a portable gaming system.

FragMnTagM3341d ago

maybe it can make its way to the 700mhz Zune HD.

STK0263341d ago

and maybe the ZuneHd can make it's way to Canada. I really want one, but for the price I can get it on eBay, I could get a 64GB iTouch for the same price I'd have to pay for a 32GB ZuneHD.

Also, about the Zune, since I don't have one I have no idea about the support it's getting, does it have apps on it? or only a handfull of MS published X360 games spin offs?

LeSouteneur3341d ago

It's pretty good. I like the crispness of the screen and I feel it's a bit more organized than the ipod touch. However, there are very few apps on it. There's the audiosurf, PGR:Ferrari edition, weather, Texas Hold em and the calculator on mine. There were a few more, but it has a LONG way to go before catching up to apple.

FragMnTagM3341d ago

but I am patient and can wait for more to come. PGR, Audiosurf, and the others that were just released are a great start. I would like to see them start releasing an app or two every Wednesday like they do on XBOX Live.

The Zune HD really has some potential when it comes to gaming and hopefully Microsoft will deliver on it, or let other developer make stuff for it. But for the price (free) I guess I really can't complain too much. Till they release more for I will enjoy it for what it is, a top notch audio player.

Mista T3341d ago

not much for the iphone being on par with a tech from 2005

Elven63341d ago

Both technologies have had revisions of the years, the second generation PSP's had more RAM for instance to speed up load times.

Grandreaper99993341d ago

The biggest performance feature I saw from the PSP was the unlocking of the clock speeds. It makes a big difference when viewing large photos and such. For games I didn't notice much more than a boost in the loading of preview videos and things like that. Mainly XMB speed-up.

deshon093341d ago

and a dead horse is just as good as one that is living

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