News: SNK Playmore to stop maintenance support for Neo-geo

More than 10 years after the Neo-Geo has gone out of production, SNK Playmore has announced that starting from August 31st, they will no longer be offering maintenance and repair support for the Neo-Geo home console, its accessories, and its game carts.

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kewlkat0074742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

I never truly owned. I mean, I could not afford the MOFO when it debut. Same as the 3DO. I remember going to this little rich kids house and seen his big screen and the 3DO right there. I didn't even think they were still supporting this platform. I love fighters, and of course NEO-Geo had some of the best.

Fatal Fury
Art of Fighting(love that game)

some of my favorits..

Anybody know where I can get one for cheap, now that I have a job..hehe

nobizlikesnowbiz4742d ago

why waste time on old consoles when you can have emulators on just about any newer console?

hfaze4742d ago

10 years AFTER stopping production on the units? Now that's a company that stands behind their hardware. Too bad they never came out with a newer NeoGeo, but then again the first one was REDICULOUSLY expensive (considering that it was essentially a Genesis on steroids)

I guess they found out real quick that there's only a niche market of gamers willing to spend ~$120/game. Even if it is EXACTLY what you would play in the arcade...

Bloodmask4742d ago

Its kinda sad. The NEOGEO was home to some really great games that were far superior to what Sega and Nintendo were offering back then. There is still mame32 though. SNK makes some of the best 2D shooters and fighters to date. I hope that SNKPLAYMORE doesn't only focus on 3D now because their 2D art style was 2nd to none.