Life Is More Like A Video Game Than You Think - Chapter 3

The following piece was written by Brian Wilmeth, a 25 year old aspiring author (and gamer) from Park Slope, Brooklyn. He is currently working on a book entitled "Life is More Like a Video Game Than You Think" (working title), and in it he describes many ideas how life is basically one big game and we're all essentially just trying to "level up" in a sense. We here at DualShockers have been fortunate enough to have the author of the piece send us a condensed a version, one of which we can share with our readers. It isn't the chapter you will see when the book is published, but more of a detailed summary of what your can expect when it is. We will run this as a weekly series, giving all of the readers out there an exclusive chapter per week. Check back often, as this young and hungry author seems to have a real hit in his hands. Enjoy the reading.

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Chadness3251d ago

Can't wait to read this book when it's done.

Tomarcus3251d ago

Sweet! I've been waiting for Chapter 3.

taz80803251d ago

These passages have been great to read and I think the book will come out great if these first few chapters are any indication. If your a gamer you should give it a read.

JoelT3251d ago

The more i read the more i anticipate the book!

D4RkNIKON3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Interesting read I can relate to. I spend way too much time playing video games, talking about video games, reading about them and so on. Not that I want to cut back on it, but there is more to life than video games. Just seems to me that gaming is a big part of my life in how I pass time and just growing up with them. I am 24 now and I don't see my self ever actually stopping all together. I might have to get this book.

FYI I also have a life haha. I have a full time job and make salary. I am fully independent financially and live with my girlfriend. Just in case the above paragraph made it seem like I live in my mom's basement and never plan to grow up ;)

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