Modern Warfare 2 is an Insult to Your Intelligence

Tony C @ writes:

"With all the hype, controversy and anticipation, one thing about Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was spot on: it delivered on a thrill ride, for better or worse not much longer than a Hollywood summer blockbuster. The single player campaign gameplay is what I expected, short and sweet set pieces. However I was taken aback by the blatant homages to blockbuster movies, from The Rock to The Terminal to a multitude of Bond films."

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WildArmed3437d ago

wow.. seems like bash Mw2 week

DasBunker3437d ago

its a popular game.. attracts haters..

but does that mean haters are wrong? probably.. but probably not.. there are some valid points behind this IW/Acti fiasco.. glad i didnt give my money to this SOB

in the meantime im enjoying BFBC2 beta and cant wait till march..

glennc3436d ago

it was basically a lazy effort on IW's part. successful games should breed better sequels with more money injected. this looks like they tried to actually save money while making this one.

the old hand-holding linear COD gameplay just doesn't cut it these days and like the article said, just lack of ambition. but i call it laziness.

gaminoz3436d ago

I think from E3 on we knew it was going for the "blockbuster" feel...

ediddy9993437d ago

I like the was Edge put it best, ""Modern Warfare 2 is brilliant, and just a little bit dumb."

DonCorneo3437d ago

xbots have no intelligence to be insulted

DitkaKenobi3437d ago

I was really looking forward to the campaign on this game, since COD4 had, IMO, a wonderful, well put together storyline. Unfortunately, it seems like they just sat around smoking weed and watching action movies so they could steal all the good parts and then try to wrap a story around the individual ideas. The result? A very broken, ridiculous story that's fun to play regardless. Just disappointing if you were looking for anything with substance.

Here's a great article on the tons of plot holes in MW2.[SPOILER] Don't read until you finish the campaign.

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