Eurogamer: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Preview

Eurogamer writes: "There are certain things you expect from a Final Fantasy game: a reluctant hero with a devil-may-care attitude, a hot feisty love interest, men who look a bit like girls, and a creepy little-sister character you're not sure you're meant to fancy. Something you don't expect in a Final Fantasy game is chasing a ferret through a shopping centre."

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SpoonyRedMage3434d ago

Can't wait to get this game.:D

EvilTwin3434d ago

"Having a Final Fantasy character chucking bits of scenery around makes this one of the more immersive games in the series; rather than feeling like you're wandering through a series of exquisite paintings, you can actually affect the locations you're visiting, using your powers to rip the tops off fire hydrants or pull newspapers from people's hands. Almost anything or anyone can be moved, although they may not be happy about it."


I'm glad to hear that Square took their time instead of rushing out an action game that they may not have polished.

That said, there are some concerns voiced in this preview, so I want to see some more gameplay action (I've pretty much given up on reviews this gen).

SpoonyRedMage3434d ago

There's quite a few videos on Youtube, including the Boss fight with Bahamut.

Here's two good videso which don't really spoil anything:

EvilTwin3434d ago

Looks good in motion (sometimes the camera seems a bit jerky, though). Pretty much seems like it's exactly what it was described as: FF crossed with LoZ.

The preview made some complaints about "waggle," but it mostly seems like IR/pointer stuff, which is not "waggle" in my book at all.

SpoonyRedMage3434d ago

Yer, camera looks a bit jerky, but there's also a button to snap it to behind Layle. I think putting a bounding box there and using the pointer for the camera like a shooter might have worked.... but I dunno.

The Waggle I think it overexaggerated, you have to motion with the Wiimote to throw enemies in the direction you desire and it does show up at some points like the instance mentioned in the preview but overall it's not really waggley(I think). Waggle to me is Soul Calibur Legends where you have to repeatedly jerk your arm just to attack.