Halo 3 Programming Goes Rated R

Microsoft has teamed up with adult-targeted Internet-based website No Good TV for a promotional deal that will have uncensored celebs playing each other in Halo 3.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4278d ago

Microsoft is cranking on the hype machine.

Sony better do something to combat Halo 3 if they want to stand a chance. I don't think some people realize how much Halo 3 is most likely going to sell...

RedSeven4278d ago

It would be nice to see some adult website actresses playing Halo 3 in the buck. I bet they would shoot the plasma gun. Ha, Get it?

Daxx4277d ago

Halo 3 + uncensored celebs = One hell of a hype.

AbyssGravelord4277d ago

This is going to be great for fans and even non-fans of the series :)