PSP needs a AAA title, says Sony

PSP sales are declining faster than Sony had anticipated which is being put down to the overwhelming success of the DS and the lack of a defining title on the console.

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TnS4572d ago

Maybe God of War: Chains of Olympus will help. :)

PhinneousD4572d ago

But I'd rather play a GoW game on a bigger screen. It loses it's epic nature when the screen shrinks to 4.3 inches. But no doubt it'll be an interesting game nonetheless, but unlike the ds, it doesn't do anything different, it just shrinks your ps2 to a handheld and implements a janky thumb nub. I ended up giving my psp to my little brother cause he was into it more than i was, I couldn't stand the cramped gamers hand I would get.

TheMART4572d ago

Ah Sony, at last you think of it? Great!

Now think about it for the PS3 also...

MADGameR4572d ago

needs to take more exclusives from PS3.

gta_cb4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

just wanted to say hi and i hadnt noticed your change of profile until now, read your profile and good to know you becoming a gamer instead of a fanboy, also couldnt work out if your comment meant you want MS to take more exclusives or that your just coming back at TheMART?...

WTF4572d ago

True they NEED AAA titles ASAP.My PSP is gathering dust.God of War and where is Oblivion?

specialguest4572d ago

At least you still have a PSP to collect dust. My PSP got stolen a week ago. The one day I decided to leave my PSP in my car was the day my car got broken into.

Instead of collecting dust, It now has the dirty filthy finger prints of that maggot who has it now.

Ok, back to the subject. Yeah, it definately needs some real AAA titles immediately.

snoop_dizzle4572d ago

the only real reason i still have my PSP is possible psp to PS3 functionality

then again, i'm not really a portable gamer

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The story is too old to be commented.