Fanboy Developers (Valve) Need to STFU

PSUni writes "After taking a quick hiatus in order to have his Flip Mino repaired, our very own Professor Blackbuster is back with a vengeance. In his latest episode, BBC discusses exactly why he feels that there is no place in the industry for fanboy developers and uses Valve as an example. Not only does he show why Valve has been incredibly ignorant with its comments as a whole towards the PlayStation brand, but also gives key reasons as to how Valve is missing out in making several significant experiences for gamers on the Sony console. In the end though, sometimes those fanboy developers need to just STFU and developer their games."

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Sonyslave34942d ago

Okay i guess ND,PD Insomia, need to STFU too then.

Pennywise4942d ago


You little whiny pest... shoo.

Roper3164942d ago

when did any of them ever bash the 360? Unlike Valve & just Turned 10, they are a perfect fit for MS, their mouths are bigger then their brains and they do nothing but talk out their arses while delivering average games.

blitz06234942d ago

lol sonyslave. you xbot need to realize ND and insomniac aren't dev fanboys since Sony owns ND and Insomniac can just develop for other platforms if they want to. Valve just doesn't want to develop for the PS3 because they're too dumb and lazy to learn how to code on a more complex console. they want a simple one, and of course, money. now it's you who need to stfu

WildArmed4942d ago

keep those accounts coming slave..

randomwiz4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

yeah, because ND and PD are 3rd parties /sarcasm

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WildArmed4942d ago

This is why we cant have people working at KFC advising NASA on how launch the next satellite into space.

When you dont know about sh!t, use the 5th amendment..

Xeoset4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

I am sorry but this is too funny. A fanboy website crying about a 'fanboy' developer? Black kettles and all that.

If half these Sony fans spent less time BAAAWWWing and more time thinking rationally, more people might care.

Proxy4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

If any competent person (meaning they've actually achieved something, like publishing a game) expresses and opinion - watch out; there is no forgiveness.

If your going to express an opinion, you should first make sure your an avarage, do nothing, achieve nothing, Joe.

Elvfam5114942d ago

Time there's a article from a Xbox 360 webite we should report right

Spam: (6 minutes ago)
wow fanboy bait much?
Reported by: AliTheBrit19

Lame: (1 hour ago)
Reported by: Sonyslave3

As much I would like to play Left4Dead on my ps3
Can't respect Valve after the way they act

4942d ago
Mr_Bun4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

How was that racist? Are you implying that only a certain race work at KFC and that another at NASA?

Obama4942d ago

"How was that racist? Are you implying that only a certain race work at KFC and that another at NASA? "

I lol'd.

Blaze9294942d ago

"Can't respect Valve after the way they act way "

And how do they act? Are they hurting your feelings or instead disrespecting a piece of plastic? Wow, you guys get so attached...sad

InfectedDK4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Hahaha.. I totally agree on this!
It was a good laugh also - but true in fact.
Valve is looking stupidly in denial with their comments.

sikbeta4942d ago

NO one of the PS3 owners is Downplaying Valve as Developer, just saying this:

You don't like PS3, that's PERFECT, now don't talk about something you don't even care about, no more, no less...

I never read about Bungie talking CRAP about PS3, never hear Kojima talking CRAP about PC, never read or hear Yamauchi talking CRAP about xbox

IS something really simple, just say: "Valve as a whole don't want to make a game for PS3", over.

Elvfam5114942d ago

"And how do they act? Are they hurting your feelings or instead disrespecting a piece of plastic? Wow, you guys get so attached...sad"

I love games as much as the next gamer

Sorry if a Developer is disrespectful they shouldn't be respected
Just like anybody in this world

I can careless about the piece of plastic
I'm guessing you're the sad one here

ico924942d ago

`im actually over valve couldnt care less what they thought of the ps3 , thats just them what are you gonna do ?

Chubear4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Now you may have your option on this site's opinion piece but you got to admit, not only was that piece hilarious but 100% DEAD ON! lol Nice Videocle, very entertaining XD

Best quote of the year "..Ofcourse he's a frikgen jerk, he's related to Flaco!" that one KILLED ME! XD

DMason4942d ago

Yeah, because Sony developers(ie Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Insomniac) never display fanboyism or bias towards one system.


wxer4942d ago

yah gabe needs to STFU

by the way
where is gabe ??

oh there he is

Reibooi4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Personally I don't see why everyone is crying Sony Fanboy over the video.

Did anyone even watch it?

Every single point he makes is 100% valid and backed up. Nothing is a BS excuse or remark. Sure he gets kinda mad and loud and sure he may be a fanboy but it didn't mess with the point here. He even added a big video montage at the end to prove his point so there is no BSing here.

I agree 100% with what was said. Valve does make great games. I mean Half-Life 2 and it's episodes are some of my favorite games out there but they do have BS and hypocritical excuses when it comes to developing for the PS3. Alot of people would be less mad at them if they just came out and said. We just don't want to develop for the PS3 and that's how it is. Instead of coming up with all these lame excuses. I mean their remarks about the PS3 being a failure and being to hard to dev for is downright insulting to devs like Insomniac and Naughty Dog among others who have made incredible games.

Trebius4942d ago

Obviously because of what you just said, you've proven to us that not only are you uninformed...but that you'll say anything to defend Valve for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Please post a link for us to any articles or quotes on record that developers for SONY made comments against the Xbox Community and the console.


Valve goes out of their way to bash the PS3 community and the system for no reason...just out of spite because they're too stubborn and refuse to learn to program on new tech.

You're obviously just saying things to say them and dont even realize that the 3 developers you've named are RESPECTABLE, because they're good at what they do, and they do not belittle the competition.

Do yourself a favor, instead of spreading FUDD on the threads to make Valve look good (for whatever reason) how about you do a little research, enlighten yourself, then come back and make an educated statement...something that actually makes SENSE.

If you cant manage that, then you need to stay in the open zone where everyone else spreads their fallacies.

People like you that give praise to Valve and put down perfectly good developers are what's wrong with the gaming community.

4942d ago
Leathersoup4942d ago

Wow.. the Sony crowd just can't let go. It's sad.

leila014942d ago

I don't see anyone complaining about Quantic Dreams, SuckPunch or Insomniac not making games or Nintendo or Microsoft.

Montrealien4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

I love how we all forget on this site that we all share a common interest, games. Once you realize that its not how you play them, or what console you play on, at the end of the day we are ALL here because we like videogames.

Once you realized there is no reason to hate on eachother, and accept that some people play videogames for different reasons, will see we are all alike in the end.

/on topic

Fanboys should not be calling out devs who won`t make games on a certain console fanboys. If you are a fan of the PS3 and want valve games do like mostly all the ps3 fans on this site, play them where they should be played, on your amazing gaming rig.

Budg3tG4m3r4942d ago

UBI, EA, Rockstar, Naughty Dog and many more devs/pubs do third party exclusives on the platforms they like. It's ether your fanboy feelings got hurt in some way wich is just sad, or your pissed about their games not going to the PS3. Pissed about L4D not going to the PS3 I can understand, but hurt feelings is just the saddest thng I could ever think of. I don't remember fanboys on the other side of the fence crying this hard when it was said Killzone 2 or MAG couldn't be done on the 360. Trash talk from the devs is ok when it's being done against the 360 but it's not ok the other way around??? It doesn't matter what console they support fanboys are just whiny cry baby gamers with weak egos.

DMason4942d ago

I'll bite, even though every word you spew shows evidence of fanboyism, therefor making your statement contradictory. Valve's comments are getting blown out of proportion, like the media putting spin on a specific story. And boy oh boy, you must be a clairvoyant to be able to judge me from my small sentence.

Those companies that I listed may not outright declare the 360 a piece of garbage, but they sure do take potshots at it. Anyone with half a brain can read between the lines.



Good enough?

Trebius4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

You people dont seem to understand...

YES Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, QD, etc. make games exclusively for PS3, and the 360 crowd doesnt complain about that.

But if one day Naughty dog were to say, "We dont make games for 360 cause their community sucks. They're a bunch of immature children, and we dont cater to that kind of crowd."

Everyone of you hypocrites would be in these threads talking up a storm saying Naughty Dog shouldn't be talking sh1t about a whole community (20+ mil ppl) of gamers.

Now...these third party developers are making games for the PS3, and when asked why they dont make games for the 360, they make what PROFESSIONALS call a statement that's in accordance with good PR.

So instead of saying, like Valve did, The PS3 community of gamers is far less evolved than the 360's, they dont know what they want...blah blah blah...

A professional would say something like, We're comfortable with the way SONY is taking care of us and at the moment we have no plans to develop games for the 360.

The 360 owners keep coming in here saying PS3 gamers are butt-hurt and what not...but that couldn't be farther from the truth...

VALVE is not needed on ps3, they develop primarily for PC, and thats where their games are best played.

PS3 has 20+ independent studios making games around the clock, VALVE's games are hardly a dent in our library of games.

The problem is Valves ATTITUDE and inability to structure statements in a way that they wouldn't sound hostile toward a whole community of gamers.

You guys can keep saying our feelings are hurt all you really doesnt change the fact that VALVE are unprofessional in the way they carry themselves...and those of you that support them ONLY support them because you're playing L4D2 on your xbox and feel somewhat superior (even though your Xbox has had a very dry run in '09 when it comes to exclusive games).

Keep supporting Valve.

We all know M$ has them in their pocket anyway, that's no secret.

I just hope other developers dont decide to take a cue from Valve and start making reckless statements, because I like to support devs that respect themselves as developers, and the consumers as their bread and butter.

A developer like Valve that shuns a whole 25+mil users is only hurting themselves in the long run...because when they DO decide to start making games for the PS3, (which they wont cause "Teh techture is too difficult...duuuuuhrz...) they'll be far behind the rest of the Devs that already have the Tech on Lock, and even if they made a decent game, a lot of gamers would not support them.

Edit: @Dmason

All theyre talking about is Hardware...and it's not like they're lying. They're not saying anything negative about the 360 community, so thanks for proving my point.

Godmars2904942d ago

Well, as a KFC employee, I'd much rather they waste the little bit they get out of my paycheck into developing a SCRAM jet instead of continuing to use something that by all rights should have been retired in the 90s.

Okay, that a lie: I don't really work for KFC.

ukilnme4942d ago


Wall of text is killing me. It's just games people.

4942d ago
DMason4942d ago

Oh, then you must have switched subjects, because I was talking about bias and fanboyism in general. Therefor, your point is invalid.

PS3PCFTW4942d ago

that its ok to bash sony on n4g.

but DONT YOU DARE TALK BAD ABOUT THE 360. your comments will be deleted and you will be banned.

GarandShooter4942d ago

Damn your lies, Godmars, I was just going to PM you to order some chicken...extra crispy...mashed potatoes and gravy...coleslaw...damnit!

Unicron4942d ago

"This is why we cant have people working at KFC advising NASA on how launch the next satellite into space."

Cool. Can't wait until the next NPD then when everyone becomes an armchair analyst!

Traveler4942d ago

PS3 is my favorite console, but I think a lot of fellow PS3 gamers are blowing Valve's comments way out of proportion. Their comments haven't been nearly as inflammatory as some make them out to be.

They said the PS3 was hard to developer for, but that is common knowledge. Lots of developers have said that, so why jump on Valve for saying the same thing? The fact that Naughty Dog and Guerrilla and other developers have made amazing games for the PS3 doesn't mean that the console isn't harder to developer for, it just proves that it can be done. Now, that doesn't mean that every 3rd party developer is going to find it in their best interest to tackle the hardware.

I also don't know what people are talking about them insulting the PS3 community. That's silly. I read the comments they made on the subject and I didn't find them offensive whatsoever. I don't completely agree with them, but it was a simple opinion and I don't think it was offensive.

People need to stop being so touchy. It gets us nowhere.

jmare4942d ago

Are you really that stupid? A developer, who solely develops for the PS3, talking about why the game they are working on can't work on another platform because of the storage medium and the the processor architecture are so radically different that the game as it is would simply not work from a technical standpoint is talking sh1t? Grow the fvck up!

While people do take Valve's comments a bit too seriously, the fact remains that Valve is the only developer that continues to have problems with the PS3 to this day. They are also very vocal about it. This wouldn't be a big deal if they had either: A) Developed a game for the PS3; or B) just not comment about it. They have done neither. It also comes across as these comments are in response to questions about whether or not they will develop for the PS3 so they come up with bullshit excuses because there is no real justification for them not to other then they just don't want to. Yet they can't man up and just say, "We don't want to work on the PS3. No reason, we just don't want to." If they would just say that, people would respect them more.

dreamcast4941d ago

"I don't see anyone complaining about Quantic Dreams, SuckPunch or Insomniac not making games or Nintendo or Microsoft."

I haven't seen any of those devs make several fanboyish statements about a video game console. I don't recall anyone badmouthing Bioware (pre-Dragon Age) or Remedy, so it must be something with Valve /shrug

Shepherd 2144941d ago (Edited 4941d ago )

Yea well most devs cant even make a single player experience that can even touch Half Life 2 and its episodes, so Valve can pretty much say what they want. Also Valve wants to make games for 360 just cause they can and if that fails, they can just go pack to strictly PC games that look better than PS3 and 360. They win, everyone else who cries about it loses.

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Nitrowolf24942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

@ Sonyslave
none of those company you listed bashed the 360 or talked trash about the competition.
I'm ok with the fact that Valve said it once that they couldn't develope for ps3, but evertime we hear them now in there post there something to bash towards the ps3.
Turn 10 deos the same also. Has PD ever say anything about turn 10 in any of there post? Ya mybe they say something to each other but never let the community know about it.
Thats why people respect them allot more not cause of the games they make but the things they say, they choose there words carefully and try not to upset the community of the opposite

JOLLY14942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Fanboy Websites ( Need to STFU....see what I did there?

techie4942d ago

They're hardly a fanboy website.

DavePSU4942d ago


Lol -- PlayStation University has published several negative Sony articles and editorials. Including "Sony: The Death of Consumer Loyalty."

Hardly fanboyish.

Thanks though.

4942d ago
JOLLY14942d ago

You kids are too easy....skv, try proofing your comments before posting.

Pennywise4942d ago

I know you can't "See what I did there" like you a smoothly and ORIGINALLY said, but I will try to contribute to making the "fanboys" stated in this article stfu... 1 more to go.

nycredude4942d ago

LOL all you fools thinking this is a fanboy website just because of their name!

These guys actually are very strict with their reviews of PS exclusives, unlike most major game sites.

techie4942d ago

They also had that IBM cancelling Cell article that all the XBox 360 fanboys loved the other yeah.

The guy doing this video is just having some fun and watching all of you guys have hissy fits lol.

sikbeta4942d ago

This JOLLY1 kid make the things more easy

Yeah, pretty easy to beat a fanboy babe, beating fanboys is starting to become really boring...

Come on kid, at least put some effort

-"but..but... valvez iz tha bezt becauze iz make gamez on tha xzboxz and I lovez it juzt fot thatz"


leila014942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

They could have called themselves "Gaminguniversity", "Controlleruniversity or something of that sort... instead they chose "playstationuniversity, just saying.

Soldierone4942d ago

xbox fanboys need to stay out of the playstation area...see what i did there?

techie4942d ago

And XboxAcademy is on the way.

Shepherd 2144941d ago

OXM also gives bad reviews to plenty of 360 games, but fanboys still call OXM bias towards 360. See what i did there.

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Silverwolf4942d ago

Has some great games. But I have to admit I not only agree with what he said I feel the same way to about Valve.