Halo 3: 7 things to do before the beta ends

Here's seven things to get out of the way before the beta doors close and you're left with Shadowrun.

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PS360PCROCKS4275d ago

haha the goofy things to do in Halo, gotta love it.

Rockstar4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Buy a PS3.

Just playin'

Good read, fly to the moon looks like fun, although the video shows instant death as opposed to skydiving back to earth.

chrno64275d ago

I heard halo3 beta is not impressive, is that true?

PS360PCROCKS4275d ago

depends on your stance on Halo, I absolutely love the Beta and think everything is amazing, others don't.

Numark4275d ago

Decent article, but none of those 7 things were special or even seemed worth doing...

Also, I think they meant to say rainbow six vegas instead of shadowrun (as vegas is still an amazing multiplayer game and is under-rated).

gta_cb4274d ago

i just think "and you're left with Shadowrun." makes shadowrun seem not so good lol, hant tried it so is it any good?

gta_cb4274d ago

"and you're left with Shadowrun."

lol i dont own that game, but im ok with being left with games like Gears of War, yep still going strong at it, anyone wanna play against me then send me a message =)