Guillemot: 'We're ready to beat our rivals'

Ubisoft boss confident of success with new Games For Everyone strategy and next-gen games.

At its UbiDays conference in Paris last week, the publisher threw the wraps off a new line-up that included casual games, new brands and key licensed titles ('Ubisoft reveals its new ways to play', MCV 25/05) – just one part in a fortnight of good news.

Earlier this week the publisher reported its fiscal 06/07 earnings, showing sales up 24 per cent against much slower market growth of five per cent, with profits up to €92m.

With its ascendant position in the publisher landscape now assured, the next step is to push forward and take on its rivals, Guillemot told MCV. "The goal is first to create new brands in new segments in order to push past the competition," he explained.

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SuperSaiyan44569d ago

You're what again? Ready to beat your rivals? What with more shoddy games that have tons of bugs so we can all be your beta testers? Wow cant wait for the bug plagued system crashing GRAW: 3 *rolls eyes*

Ubisoft has become a joke - releasing shoddy games that have loads of bugs, cause system crashes, buggy online AND minting a franchise aka FarCry.