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Joseph Peterson of PSLS writes: "Stealth based gameplay can be a difficult task for a developer. It is a challenge to keep things fresh when stealth can lend itself to repetitive gameplay. There are only so many ways to sneak up on a guy and take him down. Assassin's Creed met with great commercial sales, yet reviews were mixed. The majority of issues with the original stemmed from a lack of things to do. Ubisoft has pledged to keep things fresh and exciting for the sequel. Does Ezio usher in a renaissance to this ambitious series or merely stand in the shadow of Altair?"

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Lifewish4872d ago

great review, can't wait to give this a play


it's a must play game.

I am loving it and have not stopped playing it since last friday.

I think it's the best open world game this year for sure and one of my favorite games so far.

its a huge improvement over the first.

Sev4872d ago

Funny I really didn't like what I played of it, granted I didn't give it much of a chance as I only played the first hour or so.

I am going to dive deeper into it tonight now that I am all settled in my new house.

Pennywise4872d ago

This game does not get going until an hour or so into it. I HATED the first, love the second. No doubt. Its not perfect, but it is what the first should of been.

dopeboimagic924872d ago

Lol, I love the last line... "BUY ASSASSIN'S CREED II NOW!"

wolfehound224872d ago

Good review I really want to play this game.

doctorstrange4872d ago

I can't wait till I pick it up

BigPete79784872d ago

It really is a great game. People need to buy it. It is leaps and bounds better than the first.

dopeboimagic924872d ago

I never beat the first one because it was too freaken repetitive.

BigPete79784872d ago

Yeah I do like the first one, but it was a tad repetitive. Though it is worthy of a playthrough for the story alone.

Kakihara4872d ago

I'm still shocked by the fact that I'm loving this game. I hated hated hated the first one and only bought this to tide me over until my copy of God of war collection arrives in the mail. Wow though, it's a seriously good game. For maybe the first two hours I considered it just as boring and shallow as the first game but once things get happening they really get happening.

If you're on the fence about this, pick it up, trust me. Surprisingly for the sequel to the most boringly shallow game I ever played it's got to be one of the (if not the) deepest games I've played this year. The combat system still contains the annoyingly easy countering but along with the easy to counter kill enemies there are enemies you can't counter and enemies that block most of your counters. When all three are thrown at you at once you can have some really fun tricky fights.

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