The 1UP Show: Season Six Episode Four

Forza 2, Dirt hands-on, inside WoW's Black Temple, and a visit to BioShock.

"We've got something to suit just about any gaming taste in this week's episode of The 1UP Show. First up, our review of Xbox 360's uber-slick and hyper-real racing sim, Forza 2, by our resident wheel-jockeys John Davison, Garnett Lee, and Demian Linn. They had also just taken a spin inDirt, another racer with a more earthy feel. They drive home the finer points of both titles."

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Vojkan4568d ago

Is it just me or 1Up show isn't good as it once was?

FadeToBlack4568d ago

This show has some good footage and info of Bioshock.

SKUD4568d ago

Totally gone down in quality. Just like G4.