Why Left 4 Dead shouldn't be left for dead

Level Skip writes: "Poor old Left 4 Dead. Just over a year old, and already consigned to the backseat of history by Valve's uncharacteristically headlong rush to sequel-dom.

Well we're not quite ready to let go, chaps – as befits the PC version at least. Here are some reasons to put off uninstalling the original zombie co-op FPS for a few months longer."

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leper6413432d ago

It's true. The first game is still awesome...

dirigiblebill3432d ago

I think Valve is just going to update L4D1 with all L4D2's features and release the same DLC for both.

BYAAHHH3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I don't think so. I mean, for those that bought L4D1 AND 2 will feel like they got ripped off because it's essentially one game for the price of two. So I don't think Valve will add anything major to the first one.

Pandamobile3432d ago

Valve said more content is on the way for Left 4 Dead. Valve still brings out patches for Counter Strike for Christ's sake so Left 4 Dead will have patches for years to come.

BYAAHHH3432d ago

I never said they wouldn't. I just said that they possibly won't add as much content to par L4D2.

thief3432d ago

Left$Dead3 - out May 2010

Sitdown3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

are you purposely saying the new game will come out in 6 months?

thief3432d ago

Of course not - I am just kidding, I am sure they will take their time, do their best and launch L4D3 in Dec 2010, which will play and look exactly like 1 and 2, sell like hot cakes and get 9+ metacritic (10 from EDGE). Resistance 3 will come out the same time with better graphics, more story, much more content, more of their deep class-based coop, and get 5/10 for bringing nothing new to the table (2/10 from EDGE)

raztad3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


You said it very well, very well. R2 was so destroyed by EDGE, because it "got too much" (ridiculous "review"), while L4D2, arguably an expansion of the first, got an amazing score. What about saying something about all L4D1 buyers and how they are getting the shaft?, or how this game does so little to improve over the first?

If something was not needed, as this article shows, it's a new L4D title.

Ninjaspeed3133432d ago

is trying to rip people off SAD:(

Pandamobile3432d ago

Yes, a sequel to an incredibly popular game in a year is a huuuge rip off. I'm sure you guys wouldn't complain if Uncharted 3 came out in 2010.

divideby03432d ago

I bought MO GOTY (Most Overrated GOTY) L4D1 and it fell off my bud list faster than ODST...same will happen with L4D2, which I refuse to buy even on the cheap..

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