Tabula Rasa Interview

Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa - to give the game it's full, official name - is a sci-fi MMOPRG that combines fast-paced action with such traditional genre fare as character development and guilds (or clans in this case). In terms of setting and plot, it throws players into the future where a cosmic war between an alien race known as Bane and the galaxy's remaining free sentient beings - the Allied Free Sentients - is being fought.

Obviously there's considerable buzz surrounding the title as it's Garriott's new baby, and the game's currently going through closed beta with it expected to release toward the end of the year. CVG recently caught up with Tabula Rasa producer Starr Long - who co-founded the game's developer Destination Games with Richard and Robert Garriott in 2000 - to discover more...

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