Gamepro's Review: Forza Motorsport 2

"The American obsession with automobiles might seem odd to those who consider it to be just a simple utilitarian vessel, but to those who appreciate mechanical power and artful bodywork, cars get the blood flowing."

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nobizlikesnowbiz4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Not the best graphics I've seen on the 360, but the cars look nice except for some jaggies. Environments look bland. But who cares this game is about physics and realism and it delivers I love it. Feels great driving a customized '69 Camaro because it handles like you would expect. Love this game got it yesterday and played until 5 am.

EDIT: Yea man your right the more you play the better it feels to nail corners and drive like a Le Mans pro.

PS360PCROCKS4568d ago

See I agree with the graphics part like most do...but the weird thing is the more you play it and the more you don't worry about it, it really starts to feel realistic. I will be the first to admit I think DIRT looks a million times better, but it also looks fake, it's too shiny. Forza doesn't look "life-like" but it's style of graphics make it FEEL "Life-like" if that makes sense...

Blackmoses4568d ago

uh no....that really doesn't make sense

HokieFan4568d ago

A game like this is all about the "feel", and this game feels almost perfect. The control is great and the customization options are endless. I have to concentrate so hard to hit the corners just right that I don't even notice the backgrounds anyway.

BIGBAER4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

It does if you have played the game. Forza DEMANDS all your attention is focused on DRIVING. Forza 2 is incredibly realistic----and addicting as anything I've ever played. It will own you.

WafflesID4568d ago

I'm absolutely in agreeance with a few of you.

Initially I was disappointed with the graphics, but once you actually start playing it, you just don't notice them. Seriously, if you can stare at the scenery then the racing game isn't doing its job. I'm WAY too focused on the road to even notice the backgrounds. The graphics are good enough to make it "feel" right.

I'd easily take the hit on graphics for the incredibly smooth framerates.

There are a few tracks that just look gorgeous though. The one with the autumn trees...I forget the name. But that one should have been in the demo to demonstrate the graphics.

dissectionalrr4568d ago

i picked this game up a couple days ago and i must say, this is realistic to the point that it borders on creepy. i love it. you can tell the difference between an irs or solid axle mustang just by driving. seriously. i don't know about anyone else, but when i'm racing i don't have time to appreciate the scenery anyway, so graphics don't mean much to me in this regard. it is, without a doubt, the best racing game in history. add xbl tournaments and it's game over for the competition.

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SKUD4568d ago

So far i was able to find a controller setting i could use (thank god). I was expecting more visually but didnt get it. Still doesnt look bad though. Still leveling up. Auction house is a good way to buy higher spec cars for cheap. Well if you look hard enough. Was anyone else having a hard time with the auction house?. I would put a bid on a car and get "Transaction failed".

Bathyj4568d ago

Controls can be a bit of a gamebreaker for me with racing games. This is my prefered method with gear changes on the triggers. I dont mind if acc/brake are on the face buttons to much but I absolutely cant stand them on the triggers like Xbox racers seem to insist on just because they're there.

So help me out buddy, if I can change the controls to the stick I will get this game.

SDS Overfiend4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

STFU already damn! Forza graphics are this they are that ok you pay attention to graphics and you'd Fuking Crash right in to a wall. I hear you B1tch @ss fanboys screaming all types of sh1t about graphcis when Forza graphics are pretty good. While not photorealistic it helps deliver a Excellent online service. The more Texture and detail you have mean the more coding that have to be read across line (So now i hope you understand why Gears always has bullet lag.) the more framerate drops and hiccups. I have Forza and i Love the game ever since i first played the demo. I missed out on part 1 and i was'nt going to miss this. I found it real hard to drive at first till i switch to c0ckpit mode and then i was force to learn how to drive and hit corners,Take the lead on corners ETC. I tell you right now if you want to have the most fun. Set a online game up with R4 class on Nissan speedway and hit 260mph in c0ckpit and tell if you don't feel a sense of Sim speed.

As far it goes if i was to rate this game i would give it a 9.6 its that excellent. GT has true competition fanboys so learn acceptance cause its here. My friend even gifted me a car throught the mail when i first cut the game on. What the Reviews don't mention is that in the events you have certain restrictions on you car and you might need certains car you may not have you inventory to compete. I had to borrows my friend 1969 shelby to compete in a vintage muscle car events till i won my own and sent it back to him. Stop hating trying to find an excuse talking about the graphics card cuz the graphics or nice. It gonna take more than 1080p 60 so-called FPS on demo to sell a thin on substance game.

BTW heres look at my car in my career mode. Its at a S-class now That I added more stuff to it but this was how it looked 2 days ago.

nobizlikesnowbiz4568d ago

I dont think anyone was hating on Forza 2 for the graphics. Merely just commenting/observing the quality of them compared to other games. You can't tell me that those jaggies couldn't be smoothed out, or some detail added to the environments. It would still run at a fast 60 fps otherwise all the next-gen hardware is BS.

Owner360-PS34568d ago

I own both consoles and Forza 2 blows away my Formula One racing game i have on the ps3 graphic and realism wise period !

omansteveo4568d ago

I agree with you ive played alot of the F1 game at work and Forza feels like you driving real cars

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