1UP Previews: Need for Speed: PS

EA's attempt to make Need for Speed more relevant than ever.

The Need for Speed series is one of the most successful in Electronic Arts' stable, behind unstoppable forces like Madden and The Sims. With four games released in four years, no one is more aware of the potential for franchise fatigue than the team at Electronic Arts Black Box in Vancouver. Rather than unleash yet another neon-lit street racing variant, senior producer Mike Mann and his team have set about redefining the game, and pointing it in a completely new direction. The result? "It's all about authentic street racing," Mann declares. "The Fast and the Furious vibe is dated, and the culture has matured. ProStreet is a reflection of that."

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Cartesian3D4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

many amazing driving games comin ...

Gran turismo,PGR,motorstorm,Dirt,Fo rza,GTR....and now nextgen NFS

2007 and 2008 will satisfy every DRIVING fan on any console..

socomnick4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

im tired of the crappy need for speed games they dish out the same crap each year.

Cartesian3D4751d ago

see picture number 6 .. u can use different rings in ur car..

its the innovation in NEXT gen NFS.. and whats we want and expect from NFS for years

THX EA ... jk

give them another opportunity ...last chance :D

CG4751d ago

But it sounds very promising, especailly the damage model which 1up are saying is better than forza 2 and DIRT.
This could be the first real nexgen need for speed if they get the gameplay right.

cartman3134751d ago

Kill the NFS games already. It's always the same crap over and over and over again.

Daz4751d ago

Well this one dont sound like the same crap but the other where but still plyed them lol

FadeToBlack4751d ago

I enjoyed NFS:Most Wanted, but I never got into Carbon mainly because all the races take place at night. I prefer daytime racing with nice special effects such as HDR lighting. Hopefully this game will deliver with some new features and cool effects.

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