Lewis: 'No one can touch us online'

With the Big Three all hyping new online services for their home consoles, no longer is it all about the games. But Microsoft believes last week's Xbox Live update, coinciding with 360 hitting 10 million sales in Europe, shows "no one can touch" the company's online offering.

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Zedux3438d ago

Sure no other company can touch Windows but common MS online has so many security holes just unacceptable!

IcyJoker1873438d ago

Gotta make sure their subscribers think they are getting a good deal.

LastPlaceConsole3438d ago

Good job MS

Can't Argue with the TRUTH

BulletToothtony3438d ago

unless they pay $50 a year of course.. ;-)

Anon19743438d ago

Lewis stated "Our games undoubtedly look better and play better on Xbox 360," he insisted. "We're the only console growing year-over-year in 2009"

I'd love to see the research on that. According to who? Eurogamer from 2007?
And yes, technically they're the only system to show year over year sales growth, but only because of a strong first 3 months of 2009. The three months after that they posted the worst 360 sales in 2 years, the three months after that they also showed a year over year decline.
Nobody can quite beat their chests about nothing like Microsoft. I'm sure it's distracting to 360 owners like myself sitting around wondering why the exclusives dried up, why they're so proud of features no one asked for and why they haven't fixed their damn hardware problems yet. Make with the games already! I haven't seen a 360 game I wanted to play since Fable 2. I miss 2007. Now there was a year to be an Xbox 360 owner.

Guido3438d ago

Don't they mean the "second" time that MS hit 10 million consoles sold in Europe? I mean they announced it once in the summer when Sony announced the same mark and now they announced it again several months later... How many more times will they hit the 10 million mark in Europe?

Lightsaber3438d ago

BulletToothtony its funny to see a ps3 fanboy trying to paying for xbl to troll when sony just announce they will be doin the same thing with the psn soon.

darkride66 seriously the guy gets paid to do rp talk what you think he is going to say? that the 360 sucks just to make idiot ps3 fanboys like you feel better about yourself ?

40cal3438d ago

Is how Microsoft keeps changing there message to consumers as this gen goes on. Price is no longer an issue, the better games are found on there competitors systems, and there value proposition is just off right now.

So lets start talking about live. I have noticed that online games run smoother on the PSN and they have for a while now. Yes live has some cool features that the PSN dose not but they are not worth the yearly rate to me.

We have LIVE, look we have LIVE! Hey Microsoft, Sony dose not charge me anything to play online. So what where you saying again?

Darkestbeforedawn3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

So, I guess we can go ahead and cancel out your opinion as well, since you are clearly a 360-only supporter?

@ Hisiru - Are you trying to convince us that we should be able to pay for Live if we had enough money to buy a game instead? That is the most backwards logic I think I have ever read. LMAO.

Hisiru3438d ago

$50 for 1 year = nothing. If you have money to buy a game, you have money to pay $50 for ONE ENTIRE YEAR. That's like $4,25 for month, don't tell me you won't have this money.

Redempteur3438d ago

why would they need exclusives ??

there are too busy playing halo odst while thinking "REACH will be even better " !

Who is this lewis guy anyway ?
Oh right he is paid to say this ...

marcus j3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Live is perefect at the moment, look at psn still trying to catch up with some of our lauch features.
What's that i hear?
Oh nothing because you know that i'm right!


I think that my E penis is bigger then yours because obviously live is better then PMS or whatever its called and you all know id rather become a bloody jerrynovas witness and tbh master cheif would obviously beat old snake anyday i mean cmon master chef has recon biatches trouser snake has nothing on that shizzle!!!!!

jib3438d ago

everyone gets so touchy with PR talk. what do you all expect them to say? as a business, its what they do. its what they're supposed to do--praise their own product

rekonizakilla3438d ago

That's very true................ if you ignore the facts.
I Personally and honestly believe that a browser is more important than cross game chat. I mean seriouly, I saw the two latest episodes of top gear last night in good quality on my ps3.

raztad3438d ago

Well the way I see this xbl is behind the PSN by a mile. FREE online and lag free servers is top priority. Chat tools dont make for P2P connection and paying online.

Nobody is getting a single buck from me to play online. Thankfully the PC is still there.

Hisiru3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

For me psn is better than xbox live (psn has psx classics and more) but complain about 4,25 for mounth is bullshit.

nycredude3438d ago

Although this is debatable, this is probably the only thing MS can say these days that is remotely even close to truth.

Boasting about better sales numbers = No more.
Boasting about exclusive games = No more.
Boasting about better Multiplats = Pretty much no more.
Boasting about more graphical power = No more.
Boasting about reliability = Never an option.
Boasting about NPD numbers = No more.

What happens when Psn surpasses xbox live (which will happen)? Then MS will be placing all hope on Natal. A scary thought if you ask me. I have a feeling xbox 720 is closer than we think.

CotieD3438d ago

Sure that may be true, but there is the other side of that argument as well. 360 just hit its 4 year mark so that means people who have had the system that whole time as dropped an additional $200 to be playing online and to use these additional features. Not only that, but I feel like most of the features that like to brag about seem to be newer additions as well.

I personally don't have an issue paying it myself as I do play online fairly frequently with friends (On both PSN and Live) but I'm starting to feel like that $50 a year is getting harder to justify as both online aspects seem to be closing the gap in their differences.

doG_beLIEfs3438d ago

I love the spin of how cheap Live is when u break it down to the month, or day or whatever. Newsflash cupcakes, if you break ANY amount down enough it will appear smaller.

No, $50 a year or $4+ a month is not that much. But for me and others who laugh at those who pay for the right to play online, it still adds up to $100 after 2 years, or $200 for 4 years. So for all of those original 360 owners you have now PAID AN EXTRA $200 AMERICAN DOLLARS to Microsoft. So your console that at the time was cheaper than the PS3 is NOT CHEAPER than the original cost of the PS3.

I bought my PS3 @ $600, but I have not paid a penny more for the hardware since that day. 360 owners who have Live gold have paid an additional $200 dollars to the original $300 or $400 price tag.

Do the math, and you get either $500 or $600 price that you paid for your 360, it does not matter that it comes in $4+ monthly installments, it STILL ADDS UP. Think of it like a rental place, yes its cheap when u break it down but if you add it up you end up paying FAR MORE for the TV or couch than you would if you just bought it up front.

So Live gold to me is like buying a 360 from a rent-a-center, cheaper up front but in the long run you are paying MORE MORE MORE.

Go ahead, justify the fact that MS bends you over a little more every year and puts it in a little deeper. By the time you realize you are getting Fcked, MS's schlong will be coming out of your mouth Japanese alien anime rape style.

Feels good don't it boys? MS pounding you deep and hard, and instead of crying out for help, you tell the word MS loves you between gasps for air as you get pounded.

Bend over more boys, MS can cum again and again, and you are LOVING IT!!!!!!!!

Nac3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

You want to talk about getting screwed over? Getting screwed over is when you buy a system at $500 only to have a slim version of the system come out three months later at $300 with more memory.

BlackTar1873438d ago

that sounds like no researching. The slim was rumored for days your blaming sony for something that you should have thought about? I have no sympathy and what did you get for 500? a 120gig with UC1 or something?

pimpmaster3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

M$ is just too greedy. you pay 50$ a year to play online and theres still ads everywhere on the dashboard. right when u turn it on it goes to spotlight channel which is literally just a bunch of ads for movies and sodas. they charge what? 150 for their proprietary 120 gig hdd. hell i remember when the 360 came out they were charging 60$ for a 64 mb memory card!!!!!!! and 100 for a 20 gig hdd!!! fpmt forget about the 100$ wifi and 200$ hd dvd ad on. just to be picky ill even add in the rechargable battery which costs 12$ from M$ and its free on ps3. ms is just teats us all like wallets and i cant believe i actually was somewhat of a 360 fanboy. i dunno why i took this long to realize it.

Nac3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

First off, so what if it was "rumored for days", I had gotten it only a few months before(like I stated in my post,not days). Second, I don't put to much stock into rumors because their have been many wrong in the past(see HiphopGamer for reference), and note it is hard to research something that doesn't hold any factual weight. If you must know I purchased a MGS bundle.

BlackTar1873438d ago

i still dont see your point. You knew it was coming sometime soon i hope every ps has a slim or a smaller version. No need to get defensive but i still think you cant be mad at anyone but yourself just for the simple fact that if you waited this long to get one in the first place a price deop wasnt far off. But no worries man sorry to hear about the wasted ends. hope its worth it in the end MGS4 is the greatest game this gen for me.

Nac3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Sorry if I sounded a little brash, but the point is I purchased my system months before anything was rumored. I didn't know anything was coming.

BTW, didn't really care for MGS 4, I respect Kojima, just wasn't my cup of tea thats all. Never played any of the other MGS games(PS3 being my first introduction to a Sony console) so perhaps one day I will change my mind. As of now though, if i want stealth ill look up Sam Fisher.

HolyOrangeCows3438d ago

PSN + Cell phone - Fees = XBL + Fees

Shotgun_Roamer3438d ago

some people will never learn

[email protected]3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )'s not 2007 anymore.

Other things nobody can touch them in include:

1. Failed consoles
2. Lack of exclusives
3. Inferior graphics
4. Dated disc formats
5. Stolen franchises
6. Arrogant statements
7. Regretted console purchases

and last but not least..

6. Incorrect news headlines

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skewit3438d ago

Live is leaps and bounds above PSN.... *Sigh*

They won't ever learn.

XXXCouture3438d ago

maybe the dude is right...

But MS cant touch Sony when it comes to exclusives

DelbertGrady3438d ago

At first I thought you wrote 'excuses' and was about to agree. Great to have exclusives as well.

XXXCouture3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

ironicly i actually meant excuses :)

Mindboggle3438d ago

I think they gotta learn to shut the f up.

They are clearly threatend by Sony and I think everyones tired of this MS talk.

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tripewire3438d ago

So what, Face Book is a game now?

They should stop talking and start actually releasing good games that aren't glorified DLC.

Meus Renaissance3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

And Sony should start releasing firmware updates that do more than give you more Photo SlideShow options. How about some of the things they showed in their 2006 Press Conference for conference in-game due to the "power of the Cell"?

But obviously as its free then we should be grateful for even a font update. Obviously. And it is that mentality which took them almost 2 years to give us in-game text messaging and you people still have the balls to attack and vilify Microsoft because we pay for Live? Are you not the same ones defending the price of the PS3 at launch.

ultimolu3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Nope, you can't say that here. Don't even bother.

Microsoft likes to make it sound as if people are just *dying* for their features. It's pretty sad.

DelbertGrady3438d ago

Stop it. We are here to focus on what MS does wrong and ignore the fact that all Sony has done this gen when it comes to online is copy the leader (trophies, in-game xmb, facebook etc).

Fishy Fingers3438d ago

You all try to justify your console of choice by highlighting the negatives of the "opposition" it's pointless. They all have their strengths and weakness', if one offered it all there would be the need nor the place for the other.

cereal_killa3438d ago

So PS3 owners should be pissed that Sony gave us Top Quality AAA games for the last 2 years running instead of video conference, cross game chat, Facebook blah blah blah...... Man where do I sign up because now I'm pissed I got to play Games on my GAMING SYSTEM instead of chatting with my friends about what games I could have been playing if Sony cared more about Games instead of giving me this chat crap.

ultimolu3438d ago

Careful cereal, they'll assassinate your bubbles next. :)

Noob3438d ago

Fans requested those features. In-game XMB was around before the PS3 even launched, smh.

moparful993438d ago

Do you want to know why we "vilify" M$ for charging for xbox live? Because they charge you money to play your games online and justify that fee by fluffing you with features like sky, last fm, and facebook...

Sheikh Yerbouti3438d ago

LIVE has been around for seven years. It has time to grow and evolve. Microsoft is the obvious #1 in this area. We should expect this; it is Microsoft after all.

Still the praise is excessive. Additional features like SkyTV and Netflix are ubiquitous in consumer electronics today (i.e., media center PCs). Microsoft doesn't own these features. The companies providing the content do, making it fair game for Sony.

Sony is king of content with Sony Pictures and Sony Music. Sony is already thinking of ways of extending beyond PSN onto its own TVs and Blu-ray players. So it appears something big is planned. I'm interested in what the subscription service is too.

tripewire3437d ago

Wow. Meuss used to post sense.

Sony put asses on the ground with KZ2 and hasn't stopped all year.

You guys prefer Facebook and Sky player to the PS3's line up this year you should really stop gaming. You're obviously too old for it.

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Meus Renaissance3438d ago

For a premium service where it's main focus is Online gaming, Microsoft must invest in dedicated servers for (at least) their most anticipated games on the platform. It is a disgrace that a free service like PSN has more dedicated servers offered on some of it's games than Live. Microsoft are ahead but they shouldn't compare themselves against others but instead compete against at their reflection

green3438d ago

They have started doing that already.Forza 3 uses dedicated servers.

Meus Renaissance3438d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of Gears 2, Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2

Tesselation 3603438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

because the xbox live service is second to none and all the rest are just playin catch up all the time.


talltony3438d ago

I can still send game invites and play with friends in a party for free in MW2. I have live too and imo its a waist of money for the same stuff I can do for free. Live is completely overrated.

Dirk Benedict3438d ago

You have misspelled tessellation. I get -10 brain points for looking at your user name.