Muzyka: Games Legitimate Art Form

In an interview with IncGamers, BioWare head honcho, Ray Muzyka, has said that games equal art.

"For me it's all about games as an art form. I think games are a valid art-form," he said.

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Leord3433d ago

I would agree, it's a collaboration of many kinds of art.

If film can be called art, then definitely.

Leathersoup3433d ago

Well people have made art from human feces. So... I guess games have to fit in there somehow.

PrimordialSoupBase3433d ago

Anything is art, making it a meaningless term.

AndyA3433d ago

The potential for art is there, although I think we rarely see it. Games like Heavy Rain may change that, however. I do agree that the mainstream media has a snobby attitude towards games, though.

Fyzzu3433d ago

Agreed. There's definitely art out there, but... well. Comparing it to films, this is an industry where the big Summer blockbusters are pretty much all that's made, and it's down to the indie types to make the stuff that really staggers.

That's not to say none of the big games have been art; I think there are a few examples, and as you say, Heavy Rain might end up being one as long as it doesn't go all Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. I don't think games are taken seriously enough as an industry to support a great deal of "arty" games yet, but they are out there.

thetamer3433d ago

I think there is a line to have there, but I do think games like Pony maker, and rape games don't count...

Maticus3433d ago

I have to agree that games art art, the same way films are. About time everyone started thinking like this too.

Aery3433d ago

People who think VG are not art probably have only a thigh point of view.
A videoGame is art: Graphics, music, gameplay, code, design, etc ... Every of this element is a real form of art.
Maybe sometime not so beautiful, but the same happen when you go to an art gallery or a concert ...

mirroredderorrim3433d ago

Hideo Kojima said: "The thing is, art is something that radiates the artist, the person who creates that piece of art. If 100 people walk by and a single person is captivated by whatever that piece radiates, it's art. But videogames aren't trying to capture one person. A videogame should make sure that all 100 people that play that game should enjoy the service provided by that videogame. It's something of a service. It's not art. But I guess the way of providing service with that videogame is an artistic style, a form of art."

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