The Best Games Never Published (Part 3)

Tom's Hardware posts the third instalment of 'The Best Games Never Published'.

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P4KY B4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

I remember being excited about this when i saw it all those years ago.
Its a shame it was never made.

Maybe we could start a petition. lol

Imagine how beautiful a Vorlon ship would look with current HD graphics.

Jdoki4155d ago

B5 had such potential... I'm kinda hoping the Firefly MMOORPG doesn't go the same way - although considering how little news there's been about it maybe it already has!

InMyOpinion4155d ago

The beat em up for Ps1 that never got released? I had it though, and it rocked!

BlackCountryBob4155d ago

At some point this list must include the fabulous Lamborghini for the xbox, I played the demo of it that came with a copy of OXM UK and it was brilliant, it was way ahead of its time but sadly was scrapped because the devs went bankrupt just a few weeks before it was due for release (the only time I had ever pre ordered a game and its scrapped! That's why I don't pre-order, I am afraid I may be a jinx).

Jdoki4155d ago

Pre-order Halo 3... see what happens! :)

Maldread4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

i was looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines. Having good memories from the Alien Trilogy (i think it was called that) all the way back on PS1, which was a really cool game, i thought the game on PS2 surely would be great.

I think it`s a shame Aliens: Colonial Marines was canceled, because as anyone can see in the screenshots, the game seemed to have a lot of promise.

I hope the new Alien FPS from Sega can try to take the good elements from Alien vs. Predator 2 (really good game by the way), and make a great and creepy Alien game.

Jdoki4155d ago

Check out this interview...

Appears the Aliens FPS will be very much from the Marines' perspective.

Maldread4154d ago

Thanks for the link. Hope you can play as an Alien in multiplayer or something though, that would be cool.

socomnick4155d ago

best game on that list is fallout 3

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