Zelda 2, Milon's Secret Castle, Toe Jam and Earl 2, and Dead Moon Added to the Virtual Console"Nintendo has just announced that they will be releasing Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (NES, 1 player, 500 points), Milon's Secret Castle (NES, 1 player, 500 points), Toe Jam and Earl in Panic in Funkotron (GEN, 1-2 players, 800 points) and Dead Moon (TG16, 1 player, 600 points) on the Wii Shop Channel at 12 noon EST..."

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Ru4274d ago

get some programmers to go back into these gmes and create some new levels and junk!

sunnyhours4274d ago

but I doubt that would ever happen. The VC is a perfect way for Nintendo to make money with little to no effort. I like some VC games, but some extra effort could add some real value.

Do VC games still display all stretched on Hi-Def TVs? My Wii is not hooked up to one, am just wondering if they even bothered to fix that.

PS360WII4274d ago

ToeJam and Earl 2. Oh yeah gigidy gigidy

sunnyhours4274d ago

spending soooo much time with TJ&E 2. Was one of my favorite Genesis games back in the day.

I loved the ghost cows that would possess you if you got too close. "MooOOooOOoo... MooOOooOOoo." LOL