SAW and 300 to be first videogames for new publisher

A new videogames publisher based in Hollywood has today announced its arrival and the news that they have $400 milliion in the pot for the development of videogames based around movie, TV and music licenses.

Brash Entertainment are currently working on more than a dozen movie-based games, including one based on the 'SAW' franchise and another based on the epic movie '300'.

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PS360PCROCKS4742d ago

These would both make awesome games. Saw would be amazing because it could be like a mystery type game.

Cartesian3D4742d ago

Let the Game begin ...

mohahahahahahha.. yohahahah..

InMyOpinion4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

300 would be the first game to have a really big cast of homosexual characters. And that would be cool! In those days people did'nt have the same prejudice about sexuality. I know you will disagree and go:

"Hey dude, just because 300 is all about pumped up naked men with beards screaming and fighting in slow motion with almost no storyline at all does not mean it's homo-erotic!" I agree. It's no more homo-erotic than professional wrestling...

Keyser4742d ago

Way to try and ruin a good movie...yuck. How about they stay married to their wives like the were in the movies and they make fun of the Trojans for doing young boys. That sounds better to me.

MK_Red4742d ago

Finally, someone understands the power of SAW as a game franchise. "Hello Manhunt, I wanna play a game..."

KoolMan4742d ago

"Give them nothinG but take aWay FroM them... everything!!!"
that frase was a really nice and Finally ill be able to show no mercy with no guns but swords.... 300 will sell if it goes online...

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The story is too old to be commented.