Xbox Live Hits 60% Attach As New Details Revealed

With Sony still only talking about what's going to happen with its PlayStation online service, Microsoft took its opportunity to remind developers just how well Xbox Live is performing, as well as highlighting where it's headed in future, in a lecture at the Develop Conference in Brighton, England.

The headline figure for Jeff Sullivan, one of Microsoft's developer relations managers for the Games Technology Group, was the attach rate for Xbox Live amongst Xbox 360 users - a massive 60 percent, which is a huge increase over the 10 percent gained by the original Xbox.

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6282d ago
pRo loGic II6282d ago

Alot of people bought the core and either hate online gaming or can't afford $50-70 on high speed broad band. Did you're 360 break or are just an Sony fanboy talking sh!t. Show me the proof of 40% defected console's out of 5-6 million.

Marriot VP6282d ago

50-70$, where do you live antarctica??

Verizon's having 15 bucks for the first three months DSL. Also Adelphia does the same thing with killer deals.

I can't wait till dial up is old history.

rocky50001006282d ago

I have SBC DSL,(which is now AT&T) for 14.95 a month for two years. You don't need to pay for anything faster. as the prices go up all that really changes are the upload speeds.

Lucidmantra6282d ago

The answer is obviously this guy is PS fanboi who is mad because he is still sitting on his hands waiting for Sony. WHile magazines like PSM (a playstation magazine) are tearing up their holy grail and exposing it as... GASP, another Sony smoke and mirrors console that will not make the second coming happen. And that from me who has owned every PS, and will own a PS3. It is just a console and it will have the same problems as the Xbox360 did because Sony hasn't made a perfect console yet either.

da 366282d ago

I just want to thank you for being honest.
thats what I'm saying lets put the companys down and just talk about the situations of these consoles that we know about honestly.

Cyclonus6282d ago

Screw em. A %60 attach rate is an incredible accomplishment. The reason it's so high is, GASP!, Live is a GREAT service. It's easily worth $50 a year.

andy capps6282d ago

It also has to do with early adopters. Early adopters that spend top dollar to buy a console are also more likely to spend $30-$50/month for broadband and $50 a year for Xbox Live.

Is this for Xbox Live Gold current users, or Gold and Silver combined? And does this count all of the people that used the 1 month free coupon and did not renew? I'm asking this because that site is either down right now, or it's not working for me at work.

da 366282d ago

I love XBL that was one of the reasons I bought xbox

TheMART6282d ago



I am now downloading it and can't wait to view it... damn

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I tossed 3 grenades at cops on the PS5 version and the game crashed. 😂

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The set up to this is so dumb in/a forgettable, who gives a f moment. Nice focus on what’s really broken with this game.

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