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riksweeney3434d ago

I wasn't sure about getting this "update" but now that Guy's in it, I'll have to reconsider :)

Marceles3434d ago

lol I was just about to say that

Scans of Cody - meh
Adon - pfff...
Guy - Guy????? buying it!

topdawg1223434d ago

So far that rumored list has been 100% correct.
So i guess all that's left is Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto plus the new arabic wrestler guy. Check out the pic in the top right corner, you can see one of Ibuki's kunai daggers and it looks like Guy might be parrying? maybe?, but doubt it. Totally stoked for this!

Veneno3434d ago

yep 100% so far. all that's left is to reveal the SF3 characters. And I hope to God the wrestler doesn't have 360 motions like Gief. I can totally work with half circle or even those odd 210 degree motions like the hooligan. but i wo'nt get my hopes up. But so far all these new characters look like GREAT additions!

saint_john_paul_ii3434d ago

woah, Guy is in the game. Damn You Capcom, now I have to rebuy this game.

saint_john_paul_ii3434d ago

Adon is Muay Thai Guy RIght? so now theres 2 Muay Thai Guys in the game.

Foxgod3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Street fighter 1 (Fighting street) also had 2 muay thai guys :P
And so did Street fighter alpha 1 ;)


Who the hell used Cody or Adon? Why not add characters that people WANT. Give me Urien, Give me Dudley. Why are you using the least used characters of the Street Fighter universe? I have never seen anyone use Cody or Adon seriously. Guy I can understand, but freaking Cody? Why not put Super Dan in there while you're at it? Hey that's a good idea.

Baka-akaB3434d ago

In what universe does everyone want the same thing as you ?
Even on sf forums i've seen more people happy about Cody and guy than folks clamoring for Urien ...

riksweeney3434d ago

OK, so according to Wikipedia (yeah I know) there are going to be 8 new fighters. We know 6 of them now so who are the last 2?

Dudley and Yun/Yang?

Rolento and Sodom?

ceedubya93434d ago

So there could be 9 or even more.

I'm so buying this game....

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The story is too old to be commented.