Warhawk beta invaded by non-invitees through hack?

Thanks to a tip from JollyRoger, QJ found that some players are indeed resorting to less than legal ways to get into the Warhawk beta. QJ Forums member mhsmiq decided to "share" how. It basically requires tweaking with the PS3's Linux code.QJ currently don't have any confirmation whether the hack really works or not, but QJ really wouldn't advise you guys to try it. First, trying it carries the inevitable ban (either just for the Warhawk beta or worse - your PlayStation Network account) of unauthorized accounts.

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Snake_Doctor4783d ago

A few posters in the forum have gotten it to work. Though September is a long way to wait, I probably won't try the hack since getting banned from accessing games through PSN would suck my soul from my body, not really but you know what I mean.

Edwin19894783d ago

I played the game too:) no invite:p It's a great game imo:D:D

Premonition4783d ago

Heads up sony might be scanning every PSN account to see whos not in the beta and who logged in the game without being invited,and might be banned for life, so enjoy piggy backing off other peoples beta invites.

hfaze4783d ago

They should have put something in that locks access to the Beta to a particular PSN account, or even a specific system.

The thing that really sucks about people doing this is that they could potentially be modding the game, and causing issues with the beta that would not be there if they were running the original 1.0 beta code. That could have developers on a wild goose chase on bugs that cannot be reproduced in their environments.

Regardless, I hope these issues are straightened out, and that the legitimate bugs are squashed. I'm one of the lucky ones that was picked for the beta, and let me tell you it is FUN... I can't wait until the release to see all you PS3 homies online for a quick game of Warhawk!

HandShandy4783d ago

This kind of outrage would never have occured on Xbox Live...

And that's why Live Sucks! :D


I think incognito should be flattered with all the people breaking into the Beta. They should have sent out more invites or at least had a public beta and then you wouldn't have this crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.