Nintendo's Wii Widens Lead Over Sony's PS3 in Japan in May

Nintendo Co., the world's third- biggest maker of video-game players, widened its lead in Japan last month after its Wii consoles and DS portable players outsold products from Sony Corp. Microsoft Corp.'s game-player sales trailed Sony's in Japan last month, with the U.S. company selling 11,082 of its Xbox 360 machines.

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gta_cb4574d ago

after a while these kinda news dont actually seem like "news" does it? just the same as normal

BubblesDAVERAGE4574d ago

why is wii vs ps3 or xbox vs ps3...Is the industry really that scared of sony ?

PS360WII4574d ago

no not scared. More like Media loves a good story and people love to see the big fall. sad face of tv

AcidRhain4573d ago

Have to agree with PS360Wii. And what's is with that photo of the sad Japanese man? It's just pretty funny.

SKullDugger4572d ago

there is nothing to fear, its always about sales facts dont't lie.