GN - Dragon Age: Origins Review

GN writes, "BioWare has officially become an 'achievement whore.' When Dragon Age: Origins was put on the table for design-review, someone said, "Hey, why don't we unlock all game design & development achievements possible?" And so they did. The dark and twisted plot of a brood war does not pull any punches. BioWare does a great job of adding realism to their unsettling story: they'll introduce you to a character, give you five hours of gametime with said character, and then just slay him in an epic battle. People die in this game, and not just the bad guys.

With so many sarcastic undertones present, it's almost a shame to not play through the game at least once with a d-bag character. There is an infinite expanse to grow your character's traits: pet peeves, quirkiness, gallantry, valor, silver-tongued, and more. Dragon Age is a true homage to Dungeons & Dragons; previously, the only thing RPGs have sorely lacked in daunting comparison to D&D is the freedom of choice when roleplaying. BioWare has accomplished a before unattainable feat, they made a singleplayer game that feels multiplayer."

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