PSP suitable for MMO

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics producer Lawrence Liberty believes the PSP could handle an MMO.

He was speaking to Eurogamer in an exclusive interview about his upcoming role-playing game, and said the only thing holding the platform back from going online was a potential lack of audience.

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BlackIceJoe4742d ago

This is some thing I have been wanting to see on the PSP for some time. The N-gage had a MMO game I do not think it did well. But seeing as that system had one this says that a MMO game could work on the PSP too. Plus there have been rumors that different PSN features would make it on the PSP. So bringing out a MMO could be a great way to show what the PSP can do.

Plus Monster Hunter seems like it would be the perfect game as a MMO but it is missing out on the Infrastructure. So if Capcom were ever to bring Infrastructure out as a patch this game could showcase what the PSP has in store for MMOs.

PS360WII4742d ago

Can the machine handle it? For sure.
Will the audience like it? Probably not.

PSP owners for the most part like their things for free(I say most because I fall out of this portion-Not to involved in homebrew and I like buying games that come out for a product I want to continue). That being said I'm not so sure a MMO would be good for the PSP comunity just for the basic 15/month fee that usually come with a MMO. Would it be a great game? Heck yeah! I just don't see that many psp owners buying into it though :(

gta_cb4742d ago

i would deffinatly try it, ALTHOUGH a game like Battlefront 2 doesnt even play well on the PSP so they would really need to make sure the games that are MMO where made to push the strengths of the PSP rather then letting the lack of 2 analogue sticks show.

gta_cb4742d ago

would be interesting, not sure how old it is (guild wars) but i still know some people that play it.

gta_cb4742d ago

"said the only thing holding the platform back from going online was a potential lack of audience."

if they release PSN for PSP i can see more users buying a MMO game for PSP, the thing that makes me thing MMO hmmm.. is that i really prefer using Ethernet then WiFi as its much more reliable and deffinatly faster, especially if you have a good security on your wireless lan.
so with this in mind there deffinatly gonna have to test the PSPs reliability etc as it could be a "disaster"

Figboy4742d ago

that's pretty cool.

i wouldn't mind City of Heroes on the PSP. i already have a PC account, so it'd be cool if i could that with me on the go.