Shadowrun: Worth snubbing games that misuse their IP?

The anger and outrage that has been brewing over the alleged misuse and bastardization of the original Shadowrun IP have reached a breaking point.

Both posts Anandtech did on the PC and Xbox 360 versions of game here met with mixed feelings, but the general attitude was one of anger, disappointment, and outrage. But is such a reaction to the use of this license just? Should Shadowrun, the shooter, be completely discounted, dismissed, and discarded without so much as a chance?

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Darth Gamer4574d ago

Plus, I have the game and it's fantastic. I am really enjoying it. There is a lot of strategy to go along with this title. Great game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Sounds to me like these guys are taking a cue from (SOME) <--keyword SOME Sony fans and just b!tching about everything and it also sounds like these guy havn't truly played the game. "IT SHOULD BE AN RPG< RPG< RPG!!!" Shadowrun was a dying franchise almost dead and burried and FASA brought out the difibulators and revived the name. (with that they should be happy) but no people will b!tch and cry like baby's for just about anything nowdays.

Ravenator5294574d ago

I know its somewhat hypocritical for a video game player to call someone a geek but the ones who roll the 12 sided die are on a level of geekdom that I will never reach.

But yes, please STFU! Its not the greatest game in the world by any means, but I am having a lot of fun with it right now.

Daxx4574d ago

Wait I thought Shadowrun the video game was an original idea, I guess not. But yeah those guys are complete losers and uber mega geeks with no lives.

grifter0244574d ago

Aparrently Shadowrun was an rpg I think, I dont really remember . I was thinking about buying this or maybe Forza so what do you guys think? Is forza better then Shadowrun or what.

Rockstar4574d ago

Better stick with forza.

Shadowrun was best on the genesis.

nirwanda4574d ago

just because most of you guy's that have posted comments are to young to remember the original game one of the best rpg's ever, I will not be buying this game out of principle it would be a different story with all the comment if bungie decided to make something equally inappropriate like halo American football, solid snake golf.

also at the end of shadowrun it said see you in shadowrun 2 and that was in 1993 now imagine at the end of halo 2 were it say's to be continued and they didn't release another halo game for 14 years and then did the American football game would you be pissed

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The story is too old to be commented.