Microsoft Ignition to Unite Xbox, Zune, MSN for New Music

Combining an audience of approximately 30 million regular users, Microsoft's Ignition program, to be announced tomorrow, will leverage three of its largest services - Xbox Live, Zune, and MSN - to offer customers new music acts.

The Ignition program will expose emerging artists to the broad Microsoft audience for a month, with the first participating band being Maximo Park from the UK. The band's first single will be offered as a free exclusive download on Zune, a free music video for download on Xbox Live, and as a streaming video on MSN.

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Deafman4204741d ago

the music you put out and maybe I'll bite.

gta_cb4741d ago

i know some of you (fanboys) mite not like what im gonna say but ohwell.

MS does seem to be comming out with ALOT of ideas etc etc, which just makes me think, if they learn from there mistakes with the Xbox 360 (need quieter drive, reliability etc) then the next gen (Xbox 720) could be a really good time for us gamers. as for Sony havnt really heard much so i cant comment.