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GrE writes, "Lemme just quickly get the plot of the game out of the way, because it will take about a sentence or two… tops. The Rabbids (from Rayman fame) are bored. They just sit around all day and pretty much sleep. One of the restless Rabbids hatches a plan to get them up and doing something. They plan to go around, collecting random crap. This crap will then be stackes it as high as it can go, in order to get to the moon. That's pretty much it… Sounds pretty thin, I know, but it opens quite the Pandora's Box of things that they can do to accomplish this monumental task..."

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squif3348d ago

This game looks like it is a bit on the insane side.

roblef3348d ago

It's probably pretty fun!

wondroushippo3348d ago

And the bastardization of the Rayman license continues.

bgrundman3348d ago

It is sad... it used to be a franchise that was worth a damn

Redempteur3347d ago

i want rayman to go back ...

the first rabbit game was a nice touch ...because it was well done ..but now now ...

i miss rayman , i miss globox i miss the uniqueness and the feeling of rayman 2 .. ( my best rayman )

squif3348d ago

Why do they have to make the rabbids such weird characters?

starven3348d ago

Here I thought this series had died off. Guess it is still fighting for a chance.

bgrundman3348d ago

With Wii Balance control, it can only be expected to be an abortion at best.

roblef3348d ago

The Rabbids are compelling. The game? not so much.

starven3348d ago

How is this IP even still around.

bgrundman3348d ago

It is Ubisoft, they are running out of franchises that are not Tom Clancy games. Give them a break.

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