GUP8: Modern Warfare 2 writes, "Episode 8 is in, the finale in of the Gaming Union Podcast as we all currently know it! Darryl and Kyle are joined by Fozzie, of the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast, for a discussion about Modern Warfare 2, based on Gaming Union member-submitted questions. The crew also talk about what the show will become, code named Mini-GUP, as well as give a taste of what's to come from the next evolution of the show with a discussion about L4D2, and banning gory games."

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mephman3436d ago

A pretty good discussion.

jammers3436d ago

Banning games based on gore is such bull. If you don't like it, dont' play it. Stop making everyone else suffer.

Kyll3436d ago

Yeah, I mean, banning something because kids could get it illegally is crap =/.

mephman3436d ago

I guess it opens up a whole different can of worms.

Kyll3436d ago

They should ban movies too, because I mean, it's even easier for a kid to get an R rated movie than a mature game, seriously.

Selyah3436d ago

That was actually quite a good listen.