Mass Effect 2 Surprise Coming Tomorrow w/ New Revamp Site

We've been teased by Bioware last week that there will be a Mass Effect 2 surprise coming this week. Well, to give you the exact day on when to expect that surprise, tomorrow is the day Mass Effect 2 fans are looking for.

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Ausbo3439d ago

a different mode or information on returning characters.

Hopefully something significant. Boxart is no big deal and i hope that isn't the suprise.

u got owned3439d ago

PS3 release date!!! (joke)

I would say is a Co op Mode.

Cyrax_873439d ago

Similiar to how ND announced it in U2.

Guido3439d ago

I know you might have been joking but in all honesty, it would only benefit us all if they actually did release it for all systems. Why? Simply put, with the massive layoffs EA has been experiencing, they need all the revenue they can get and without it, they will begin to cancel new IP's and go with the same battle plan that Activision has, sequel after sequel, after sequel. If you want whats best for you and your gaming, you all need to support multiplatform games.

Lifendz3439d ago

very true unless MS is providing some sort of incentive (i.e. money) to keep the game exclusive. I think Sony paid to keep MGS4 exclusive forever. Same may've happened here. It's not like MS is frugal when it comes to securing exclusivity and this is perhaps one of the most anticipated 360 games next to Halo Reach. To lose it would be pretty major.

sabestar3438d ago

LOL maybe it is the revamped site.!!!!!1

How funny would that be?
I hope not though.

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LastPlaceConsole3439d ago

Its either Co op OR multiplayer

most likely Co op

RememberThe3573439d ago

I beat that game like 5 times with no multiplayer. But uncharted 2 turned out to have a really good multiplayer and I didn't want to see mp in that game either, so hopefully I'm wrong.

Myst3439d ago

Didn't they have a surprise a few days ago and now are doing another one? Jeez, can't really complain, but they sure are giving fans of the series a lot of things. Which means I should pre-order that limited edition soon...

Homicide3439d ago

Bioware announced a few days ago that they were going to have a surprise next week. The surprise tomorrow is probably the one they announced a few days ago unless you're thinking of another one.

TenSteps3439d ago

I appreciate what they'll be doing but the anticipation always kills me.

Myst3439d ago

@Homicide: Not to sure, but I thought they had already announced that one so I thought this may be a different one. It's so hard to keep up with the amount of 'surprises' that are wrapped around Mass Effect 2

@10 steps back: Agreed. Trying my best at the moment to take the game off of my mind for a while.

betrayed gamer3439d ago

they r bumping up th3e release date

GiantEnemyCrab3439d ago

With the poor quality of Dragon Age Origins on the 360 I hope that is not the case. Bioware need to keep this in the oven and continue to improve on it.. If it has the same performance/graphics of DA:O on the 360 it will be a let down. I will still enjoy it because of the great story and characters but it will be like the first one.. An almost masterpiece that fell short due to technical issues.

Gameplay9993439d ago

Bioware developed Dragon Age for the PC primarily so its really no surprise that the 360 and PS3 got the lesser version.
Mass Effect 2 on the other hand is a totally different story, devs have ironed out the technical kinks and have tweaked the engine.
How are the gfx all that bad for Dragon Age anyways?!? The sheer amount of content totally overshadows the importance of graphics, the art direction more than makes up for it. Dragon Age also runs quite smooth on the 360, I'm about 25hrs into it and have it installed on the HDD, quick load times and smooth as butter.

Mass Effect 2 will be just like Mass Effect 1 except better in every possible way with technical issues left in the dust with Mass Effect 1. I have no doubts that Bioware has addressed these issues. Its just disappointing how you have to be so negative. Think positive, things will be better off for you.

GiantEnemyCrab3438d ago

I called Mass Effect just short of a masterpiece. Not sure how much more positive you want me to be. But if it involves lying to myself than no thanks.

Dragon Age suffers from bad jaggies and frame rate on the 360. Read the reviews if you want a second opinion.. There is a reason why the 360 version is the lowest scoring of them all.

I have high hopes for ME so I hope they did work out all the kinks. If they didn't, they won't hear the end of it.

Gameplay9993438d ago

Anyways, I wasnt talking about your comment of Mass effect being just short of a masterpiece, which I tend to overlook those small technical issues, yes small, easily overlooked to me, it was a masterpiece.

I was referring to having a positive attitude towards how Mass effect 2 will be. Why would you even think that the graphics would be the same as Dragon Age? There have been videos released and pics and they all obviously look much better than Dragon Age.
Dragon Age looks fine, nothing oustanding of course but it definitely doesn't look bad... jaggies? Hmmm didn't really get out my magnifying glass so I couldn't tell ya.
The frame rate on the 360 version is smooth, The PS3 version is the one with a frame-rate drop. I wasn't expecting the console versions of Dragon Age to look amazing anyways, I was just happy the game was available on consoles. I have read and seen many reviews and in person experience, I have the game installed on my HDD and I am 25hrs into it, I haven't noticed any frame-rate drops and the gfx are fine. The graphic fidelity may not be sharp but the art direction is good.

Bioware has always listened to its fans and their feedback, they aren't sloppy developers, like I said before I have no doubt whatsoever that Mass Effect 2 will be an improvement on every level over Mass Effect 1. You seem to have the vibe of a 'doubting Thomas'.

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