How Bungie is Using the Halo 3 Beta Data

This image is a "heat map" of the Valhalla map. It is an example of data samples taken from games during the beta that show where the choke points and hot zones of a map are.

The more red an area is, the more kills that have happened in that particular point. The heat maps are used to see where changes to the level's layout, spawn points, or weapon locations need to be made.

As the beta winds down, changes will be made based on the 40 million games played so far.

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Magus8D4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

thats pretty cool. i want to see the heat map for the other map

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Quicksilva4570d ago

The whole things gonna be red ^^

WilliamRLBaker4570d ago

jesus 40m games played so

Drew4570d ago

Yeah. The amount of time I sink into this game is ridiculous. Somebody help me when the final game comes out, because I don't know what I'll do. =(

But damn. 40,000,000 played? -Whistles-.

PS360PCROCKS4570d ago

Yeah 40 million is alot. But it's 40 million individually played. So if 8 guys play a 10 match game it counts as like 80 games. but still 40 mil is insane. This is a cool thing also that they can do this...this will make the game even better...complain now so u dont have to complain later.

gta_cb4570d ago

"As the beta winds down, changes will be made based on the 40 million games played so far."

yeh i know what you mean! wow!

rowdy 14570d ago

On why Warhawk is better, and what they're going to do about it. I bought my son crackdown to get the beta, and then played the warhawk beta at a friends and was like DAMN!!!! Now my boy wants warhawk.

PS360PCROCKS4570d ago

um your comparing a shooting game to a flying game, thats just weird...did you hear Tekken is better than madden

Ludwig4570d ago

Yes, I totaly believe a father would come to a gamer website and flame-post. 9.9 ...*S-A-R-C-A-S-M*

PS360PCROCKS4570d ago

::bows:: Thank you Thank I was hoping for a perfect 10 though... :(

rowdy 14570d ago

both have on soldiers fighting on foot. sounds like the same genre to me.

004570d ago

Are you thinking before you type?.

gta_cb4570d ago

yeh got to say what are you on about?! lol seriously you are actually making NO sence!

ps3gogetitt4570d ago

warhawk is not considered an FPS like Halo3 so if you enjoy flight games go for warhawk, serious FPS action then i believe halo 3 is the on eu want, i enjoyed halo 2 on my xbox and warhawk beta is fun to

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The story is too old to be commented.