Not The Only Game In Town?

Many think that when it comes to the used game market, their only choice is GameStop. And while it's true the brick and mortar retailer may be the Apple of the used game market, that doesn't mean you don't have options as a consumer.

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ogwilson3435d ago

Not to mention, the even smaller known stores, pawn shops. And check music stores, too. A lot of local music stores also sell and buy games at good prices. I personally like to goto this store called Mega Media Xchange. a little slow on getting newer titles (they only deal with used sales) but when you can find what you want, you’ll be getting it cheap. Also, the smaller stores more than likely will carry old school stuff, imported stuff, and games that you don’t always hear about being released.


Demon's Souls releases,I drive 2.5 hours to the nearest EB games to get it(2 copies actually).They inform me of it's "limited quantities and niche appeal" etc.etc,and admit that my chances of finding it are slim to none.I go Wal-Mart=NO,Superstore=NO,Circ uit City=NO.I give up and drive home(small mountain town of 4000+ people) with one small electronics/game rental store.I decide to see if the owner has heard of the game,on an outside chance.....a hope.He says "let me call my 'guy',come back tomorrow".Next day I call him,he says" I have two collectors editions coming thursday,I will call you when they are in".The big retail chains aren't always the answer as I found and supporting local business is always preferable.The almost exact same thing happened with Borderlands as well.