Heavenly Sword Stance Controls

Heavenly Sword in depth Stance Control interview

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tehcellownu4741d ago

one of the great game for the ps3 on my list that im goin to buy..

Xi4741d ago

great... glad you're telling everyone. Enjoy it.

wildcat4741d ago

I share your enthusiasm!

I'm a patient person, but I want to see the battalions of thousands already.

Quicksilva4741d ago

Don't some of you get the feeling its more of the same?

I will buy it but it kinda looks like God of War with a female fighting against humans instead of mythical creatures :P

wildcat4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

It borrows the combat stances from other titles, but I think the AI will be much more sophisticated, and that's what sort of makes these games work.

Keep in mind also that we have only seen the easy dudes, the "minions". It'll get more interesting when we fight harder enemies and bosses.
We also haven't seen all the fighting scenarios like fighting through trees, on water, and the elegance in which Nariko moves will make it more like controlling a martial arts movie.

Thousands of enemies at one point too. A whole army with sophisticated AI as they start off as a huge mass, then they disjoint and form around you, attacking in groups, individually, etc...while you have a bazooka in hand.

Overall, it will just have a different feel. You don't have the sheer power of just ripping someone apart like Kratos does, but you do have the power and grace to pull off amazing combos and devastate multiple enemies in (holds nuts) creative ways. :P

egyptian_diarrhea4741d ago

this never gets old, its like fps, there's a million of them, but yet all so unique. i see awesomeness written all over her beautiful arse...sweet.

Quicksilva4741d ago

In the last 5 minutes I've actually completely changed my view on this game. It's doing nothing that hasn't been done before. It's a carbon copy of God of War set in a different story. Maybe just another hack and slasher with good graphics? What I want to know is what is making people this excited over it... What is THIS game doing that hasn't been done before?

ngg123454741d ago

In total honesty, this game seems to be closer resembling ninja gaiden. I thought the dynamic ai, and the ability to throw anything at enemies was cool. I don't really see any similarities between this game and god of war, except they are both action adventure games.

wildcat4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

God of War focused a lot on its platforming and puzzle elements, while Ninja Theory have stated that there will be little to no puzzle elements and the platforming will be implemented to how the setting and the story follows. This means action after action because the story has the sword as constantly draining her life, so there won't be time to lift a switch which opens up a room so that you can move a stone to jump on to get to the next section. Just pure action and what seems to be an entertaining story.

techie4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Fighting against 2500 strong armies instead of 10 enemies. That's what is different. Plus the fighting is much more in depth.

Plus this kind of talk makes me very angry.

How is Resistance different to Area 51?

How is Halo 3 different to Doom?

Every fps is a carbon copy of Doom....and the way people pick on an under developed genre saying they all the same is highly ironic and foolish to me.

WIIIS14741d ago

Fighting against 2500 strong armies instead of 10 enemies? Did you check out the enemy AI on the vid? 10 on 1 odds and the enemies take turns to engage you. Wonder how stupid it will look with 2500 enemies doing the same.

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spacetoilet4741d ago

No BLOOD! Where's the gibs?

wildcat4741d ago

That's one thing I was really looking forward to, but they're aiming for a T rating. Although blood and gore will be there, it'll probably be in small amounts :( Need bubbles? Here.

techie4741d ago

Watch the recent trailer....ul see blood

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