Preview: Fracture recently got information from Denny Thorley, president of developer Day 1, about the upcoming PS3 and 360 game, Fracture. The game is basically about a futuristic civil war occurring in the war torn United States.

For the detailed preview, click on the link.

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Lord Anubis4741d ago

there's another game out there for PC that looks more fun than this game. I don't recall the name but I'd hope they would bring it to consoles.

snoop_dizzle4741d ago

does it have similar concept or something?

Lord Anubis4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

yeah, its FPS

YAY I found it. it a demonstration from ageia to show off their engine, the same engine used for the cell processor, although the game in the video is called cellfactor


AGEIA, the company developing the physics engine for the PS3, has released a video demonstrating the power of the engine. CellFactor is a PC game but the physics driving the game are being used for the PS3. The video is actually game footage demonstrating the realistic feel of the physics in real time.

Through the entire video I found my self in awe of the realistic physics as the characters run around blowing every thing in site across the map launching gravity based weapons that suck in debris and launch it high into the sky. Just watching the video its hard not get get lost in the realistic feel of every turn you take or grenade lobbed your way. I can not wait to get my hands on this game. This video is nothing short of awsome but expect a massive load time.

snoop_dizzle4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

thanks man

Edit: Hmm i think i have seen that game somewhere before.

Rhezin4741d ago

no im pretty sure this game will own your little PC pea shooter