Will You Import Gran Turismo 5 from Japan?

Jordan of GTPlanet writes: "Thanks to the PlayStation 3's ability to play games from any region, when GT5 Prologue was released many GTPlanet users didn't hesitate to import the game in December of 2007. Although the language difference made it tricky at times (our Japanese users were extremely helpful in offering translations for the menus and buttons), importers got to play the game three full months before Europe and four months before North America. Given the high anticipation of Gran Turismo 5, how many of you out there will bite the bullet and order a copy from Japan? The eventual release date for your native region will obviously make a difference, but let's say it's more than a month or two away – then what would you do?"

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komp4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )


I did it for GTP and now I have 3 copies as I lent my UK disk version out and wanted to play it so I downloaded it lol.

All I do know is by doing that the save game from the Disk version does not work with the downloaded copy, weird. I love it so much I just did it all again anyway.

dorron4869d ago

I can wait till it gets to Europe with my GT5P.

blackpanther254869d ago

I mean we have been waiting for this long.....a few months won't make a difference to me

ian724869d ago

I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer for a Europe release. This is my most wanted game, got steering wheel ready for its release.

redsquad4869d ago

Nah. I've waited this long, so a bit longer to get the Euro version won't hurt. The Japanese box would make a mess of my shelf, and I know it'll be worth the wait anyway...

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