Some new Haze screen shots.

Haze screen shots.

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Whoooop4574d ago

I hope this game gets credit if it's good, by the way it looks I think it will be a great game..

Underrated game of the year..

power of Green 4574d ago

It was wise of the dev to mention this game comparing the Halo 3 Beta in a comparison to hype this game up. Not that great at all considering the hype its getting due to the dev boasting its capabilities, must be some out of this world vehicel use and weapons etc.

Fuzzy low quality and dark compared to what they actually look like of eairly pics but you should get the picture of what the final product will be like.

I promise this Haze! will not compete against any of 360's top FPS's and won't even match Huxely.

Kleptic4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

I think the site is broken...

The Snake4574d ago

I think you underestimate Free Radical. Those guys have a lot of talent.

chitown4574d ago

lol u sound really desperate there power of green. come on man u havent even played huxley yet haze for that matter, so dont make stupid comments/ judgements like that.

Hydrolex4574d ago

PS3 fans Agreed
360 fans disagreed

Kleptic4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

...double post...not sure what happened...

power of Green 4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

It came out of nowhere claiming outlandish BULLSHIT.

#3 Why? would i be desperate I'll tell you the truth you know me!, i'll give it a try when it releases on the 360 I just don't believe these guys actually developed this game knowing it will out shine Halo as they claimed when now one has the weight over the HEADs! as Bungie does also considering no one has actually seen what the real Halo 3 looks like or plays like(not counting a few lucky fucers that really can't portray the realalities). It's not so much the Game as its what they claim the game will be a Halo killer when Bungie probably has a better idea of what a FPS shooter should be like. Bungie has made Halo appeal to the masses and made Halo fans out of millions of people and sold millions of consoles at a time per game. Scared NO!; a non believer YES!, things you can do in Haze seems Halo-ish besides the Bullet time looking effects, hope they get it right the first time. lol

#5.1 leave me alone lol...

Whoooop4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Do you feel threaten by a game?? Don't be a retard.. You will have fun with HALO, relax.. Every HALO fan will have fun with it so chill.

underrated = underestimate the real value or ability of. so i don't see your point.

If it's going to be underrated it means it won't get the credit it deserves.

Kleptic4574d ago

Please elaborate on how exactly it "came out of nowhere" and the "BULLSHIT" that it seems to have claimed?

It has been on and off the news since last E3...with nothing new screen wise...then was announced for just ps3 at least for 07, and they released a bunch of screens and gameplay stuff at that UbiSoft thing in Paris...which, figuring how E3 is being held this year, makes sense..

only thing I have heard them "claim" is that it will be very squad based...that the Nectar will make it very different than normal shooters...and that it will be "fun"...Nothing has been shown yet to prove that all that is bullshit...

by the way dude, I apologized for being wrong about your Gears comment (related to hardware choices being influenced by posted a source and proved what you where saying was credible...I am not out to get you or anything...

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The story is too old to be commented.